UFO Sightings in Canada

There are a growing number of people reporting UFO Sightings in Canada, US, Russia, China, and many other places around the world - along with aliens, crop circles and giant light orbs.

It may all seem a bit fantastical to you. Until, of course, it happens to you.

Once you see something in the sky that you can't explain away, then all of a sudden, you begin to wonder if maybe all those things you've been hearing about are true.

And then you go looking for information and UFO news, right?

You probably want to know if there are others that have seen something similar, and especially if they saw it in your area. That's what happened to me after I watched strange lights in the sky that definitely did not act like airplanes.

When something is in the sky, you'd think that there would be lots of people reporting on it, right?

But, what I found was that it was hard to find the right place to even report UFO sightings in Canada.

The reports are out there, but they are scattered hither and yon, and you can spend a lot of time trying to find them.

So.. what this site is setting out to do is provide a simple place to report and view UFO sightings in Canada.

Edmonton UFO sighting through telescope, Alberta

To provide some context, you will also find previous sightings reported elsewhere, as well as details on some of the more famous international sightings.

Once you review what's out there, you can see that there are different types of UFO reports: mysterious orbs of light, strange clouds formations, and different shapes: triangle UFO, rods, cigar-shaped and the ever-popular disc-shaped UFO.

Less common, but perhaps more eerie, are reports of UFO passengers - aliens, aka extraterrestrials. There are some odd alien sightings, and even stranger stories of alien interactions, or, worst of all, alien abductions.

Alien Woman hidden in Alberta badlands as seen by satellite

Satellite reveals face
in Alberta badlands

And then there are also reports of UFO calling cards - crop circles, stone circles, detailed images seen only from the sky. I was surprised to discover that there are crop circles found in Canada, but they haven't received the same kind of attention as Engish crop circles.

You may be surprised to know that there is even a study of exopolitics - trying to sort out what a relationship with extraterrestials here on earth may involve. Who knew?

I say that tongue in cheek of course.

It CAN be really easy to go overboard with wild explanations when all you see is a little bit of something strange that you can't explain. On the other hand, it is also easy to just dismiss anything you don't understand.

So... I try to avoid making claims about what the nature of the strange sightings mean. There is always the possibility of hoaxes.

And, there is always the possibility that we are seeing something that is created by humans, but not commonly known or understood - think of stories of how remote tribes first interpreted the sight of commercial aircraft overhead.

The aim of this site is simply to gather information about UFO sightings in Canada wide - so there is a common base - and make it accessible to you in an easy format. Hopefully, we will be able to pool our knowledge and insights into this phenomenon, and make sense of it all.


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