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3 redish-orange crafts flying low. Exeter, Ontario. July 2, 2012

by Aaron Caissie
(Exeter, Ontario, Canada)

At approximately 23:30h EST, I was sitting outside on the deck with my wife, we were looking at the moon when we saw a redish- orange ball of light traveling from over our apartment building (from north to south.)

continued below map....

It was so bright, I said to my wife look at the meteor. My wife said it's traveling too slow and it looks like it's going up on an angle.

I ran to get the binoculars from inside the apt. when I got back outside it was gone. My wife told me that it faded out as it went through the clouds.

We continued to sit out there talking about what we had just seen and one of our neighbors stopped by to talk. Then at approximately 0030h EST another one of the balls of light traveled across the sky going from the East to south west, (the size of it was the size of a dime held up.)

Once again it traveled for about 30 sec across the sky, as it went into the clouds it looked as if it just faded out, us 3 adults stood in amazement.

I then took our dog out to the field beside our apartment building, at 0100h EST (after seeing the other 2 balls of light, I watched the time.)

I was looking towards the sky, as I looked to the north I saw another redish- orange object come up from behind the shadows of trees towards the outskirts of town.

It looked like it was just above the trees as it started moving towards me heading south. As it got closer I was able to see that it was a triangle shape glowing the redish- orange, as it got closer I noticed that it was really low (the height of a four storie building)

I flashed my flash-light at it and the light from the flashlight seemed to be absorbed by it there was no reflecting light just the redish- orange glow.

As I flashed the flash-light to it my dog sat there and watched it as it slowed down overhead (moving at about 30kmh.)

I stood in shock as it continued to travel over my dog and I (I felt like I couldn't have moved if I tried.) The object kept moving south over the church parking lot on an angle moving towrds the clouds.

I stood and watched it until it faded into the clouds. Once it was out of view I ran inside to tell my wife about what I just saw, and right away we looked on the net for a reporting centre, we then reported the sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center.

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