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3 strange cloud formations in 2017, abnormal amount of rainbows since 2016, one alien vision in 2015

by AC Beyer
(Hull, UK )

05.08.2017: A heart shaped hole in the clouds

later the same month 2017: A question mark shaped hole in the clouds

the former two might be completely natural, but to me looked like synchronicities or something similar yet undefined scientifically, the first one was on my birthday.

The third one was extremely unusual and significant, however:

a smiley out of clouds! Mouth, two eyes, nose. Briefly seen over Hull on 30.08.2017. It was shaped out of white clouds in blue sky and looked distinctively like a smiley. I was not fast enough to get my camera.

This graph, produced by someone else and artificial, resembles most what I saw as a cloud:

We also had an abnormal amount of rainbows here in the last 2 years, since the Brexit vote. Probably 10 or more overall, maybe more. More people saw them, not only me. Once 4 or 5 in one day alone.

I had a 'visionary' experience of an alien too in 2015. It appeared briefly to me and looked like one of the 'Grey' ones. It seemed to look friendly (smiled?), but nothing was communicated. I don't know if you accept the latter, but I report it because I've heard that aliens communicate telepathically at times.

PS: I apologise I report this to you in Canada, but you seem the only website who looks into these things that I could find. I'd love to hear what comes out of this research and how strange cloud formations in particular can be explained!

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