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4 ufos, Welland, Ontario, September 24, 2014

by Jay

Four separate types of UFOs in the sky over East Welland/Niagara Falls Ontario.

#1 UFO - Red light that would blink out and come back on 4-5 seconds later. Moving quickly eastward approx 100 yards and then stopping and moving back westward approx 20yards. Way below the clouds.
#2 UFO- A pur white light, round in appearance flying very slow and appeared to wobble rather then fly a straight line. Go from cloud to cloud and stopping in each cloud. Looked as though it was moving from St.catharines to Niagara Falls
#3 UFO- multicoloured UFO that looked as though it was going in a circle in the sky repeatedly. Looked like there were smaller lights connected to it also multicoloured as though hanging below it from what looked like chains but could have been anything. Looked like a star except too big, things connected and multicoloured.
#4 UFO- looked like a star but would blink out and then appear in another area
No photo sorry

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Jun 04, 2017
Welland UFO lights
by: Anonymous

I seen the same thing but all 4 lights were red and when it got to where the moon was it disappeared at the same spot

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