A string of strange red lights in the sky.....Toronto, Ontario

by Michelle S
(Toronto, Ontario,Canada)

I have a video of 56 seconds: I was on my balcony tonight. I saw one light in the sky, red, from a distance- it was like a bulb, bright. It came in our direction ( there was another person present) Eight lights followed that first one, all bright, travelling in a straight line, it seemed like an equal distance from each other...changing from white to red.

At first I thought they were missiles beause of the shape, brightness, and red color changing between them. I saw them for a good 2.5 minutes, they travelled over us in the sky, in no particular rush it seemed.

I was facing west, we live northwest

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Jul 21, 2018
Red Light in Sky NEW
by: Anonymous

I saw a red light in the sky about 11:00 last night from Red Deer Alberta.

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