A string of strange red lights in the sky.....Toronto, Ontario

by Michelle S
(Toronto, Ontario,Canada)

I have a video of 56 seconds: I was on my balcony tonight. I saw one light in the sky, red, from a distance- it was like a bulb, bright. It came in our direction ( there was another person present) Eight lights followed that first one, all bright, travelling in a straight line, it seemed like an equal distance from each other...changing from white to red.

At first I thought they were missiles beause of the shape, brightness, and red color changing between them. I saw them for a good 2.5 minutes, they travelled over us in the sky, in no particular rush it seemed.

I was facing west, we live northwest

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Aug 05, 2018
Red lights in sky.
by: Jeremy

Staying at cottage in lowbanks long beach area. Witnessed reddish orange lights move across sky almost directly overhead at approx 2am. They were not blinking, just fuzzy lights. I witness 5 in a row. It lasted about 2 minutes. They did not sound like a jet, prop plane or helicopter. Their was absolutely no noise. Due to altitude or technology. Very hard to judge height. Looking explanation.

Aug 05, 2018
I can verify this sighting. It happened!
by: Anonymous

From Western NY, I wasn't paying attention to the time but it must have been between 3:30-4:30am. I was walking my dog before leaving for work under a cloudless early morning sky. As soon as I opened my door I noticed them (from my perspective) in the Southern sky. These were not flares as they were at a extremely high altitude (too high to burn) and they did not flicker. A string of lights, dimly lit at both ends of the string becoming brightest toward the center of the string. I have seen the same phenomenon as satellites pass over head and catch the sun's reflection from from the other side of the planet. They were fading in and out as they crossed a very small section of the sky. I did not witness any red lights or flashing lights of any kind or color. These had to have been metallic space craft (I use that description because they WERE in our planets' highest atmosphere) catching the early morning sun. Seemingly equidistant and moving in a controlled speed and direction (from my perspective) from North to South. At any given moment, I could see 8-10 of them as they faded in and faded out of view do to the Sun's REFLECTION. I concur with the author of the first report that the event lasted approximately 2-3 minutes. The thing that struck me the most was just how many of them there were. During that 2-3 minutes of visibility, I believe I counted approximately 15 of them "minimum" and they just seemed to keep coming into view. In my humble opinion... these were a squadron of very high altitude craft, traveling in a controlled fashion through Earth's upper atmosphere and only becoming visible do to the Sun's reflection. I believe they were traveling somewhat parallel to the planet but at a very high arc which would explain them being dimly lit and closer together at the far ends of the string. Catching the Sun and appearing the brightest at the apex of the arc of their flight path and then loosing the Sun as they followed it's curvature. I know what I saw and there simply can't be any other explanation. Save the swamp gas, meteor, military flares/missles, etc. smoke and mirrors "BS" for somebody else. Either these were UFO's or some country on this planet has a WHOLE BUNCH of next generation space craft.

Jul 21, 2018
Red Light in Sky
by: Anonymous

I saw a red light in the sky about 11:00 last night from Red Deer Alberta.

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