alien abduction and Physical exam , Feb. 17th 2016 1:30am. Home. (Calgary AB)

by Alexis
(Calgary AB Canada)

I cant remember much of what happened. Everything is still really fresh and my memory is still gone about what happened. The little that I can remember was that for some reason, I had this overwhelming sense of doom. Of being watched and that someone was coming for me. I locked every door, window, and shut everything to make sure no one could see in. I remember feeling abit at ease knowing that I was safe now and I was watching some youtube at around 1:30am. The only thing I can recall from there was waking up around 7am about 5-6 hours later. I felt really bad. My head was dizzy, I was exhausted and in short I feel like someone had managed to drug me with a sedative. I immediately went to the bathroom, groggy and unable to tell what happened and started searching myself for any signs of physical marks. Thankfully I couldn't find anything. I sat for awhile and tried to recall what happened but after the clock hit 1:30am (Around) everything is just blank. I don't remember falling asleep, I don't remember what happened. Only just waking up hours later without any idea of what happened. I ended up shooting some messages to the few people who believe me and went back to bed to try and rest. I woke around 12 noon and felt so much better. I could recall a dream about home and good things and when I woke all the symptoms from before were gone and I felt like I had actually had a sleep and unlike before, I could recall falling asleep and waking up. This is not my first case nor do I believe will be the last and there are far more others then I can even probably remember each one. but these are the 2 of the 3 most prominent events I can remember.

back in June of 2014 I ended up waking one morning to find that I had no memory of the previous night and when I went to the washroom I found that I had a cut along my right chest. I was immediately baffled by it. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours searching everywhere for any signs of blood or anything sharp enough to cause the injury but found none. Finally I asked my mom (A retired RN) about it and she was just as baffled about what made it. The cut healed up within the day which is abnormal for me and I just wrote it off as mysterious. Recently though I have managed to recall a part of what happened. (I practice yoga so what I find is that meditating on a certain event can help with recovering the memory) What I recalled was definently not abnormal for me. I remember being in bed and seeing a blue light and I started physically floating out through my bedroom window and the saucer was there. Once they had me on board I tried to resist them but they managed to restrain me. The next clear memory I managed to recover was that I was on a metal exam table. The gray men were around me and this one, the leader, was taller then the others. I remember watching the small grays make a cut in my right chest which is what caused me to react violently and I tried to resist but the leader put his eyes to mine and I tried fighting, but that slowly and gradually faded the more he seemed to take a hold of me. By the time it was over (Mind Scan is what I learned it was called) I was drained and tired. The table moved but I heard no wheels so I think I was floating. The smaller grays took me to a side room and inside there were 2 others. I was put between them. Both were unconscious. One tall blonde female on the left, and one average white male with black short spiked hair on my right. I quickly followed suit since I passed out with them. The next memory is still very foggy about what happened I still need to do the meditation but from what I can tell I must have been doing something besides just being passed out I cant remember what I was doing though. The only clear memory from there was standing in a line. The woman in front, the man in middle, and me in the back. They had what looked like a projector of some sort mounted on the ceiling and aimed down at this metal chair. The woman took a seat first and the small gray fitted her with a helmet of some kind. Almost like a queen sitting on a throne with her crown around her forehead and in the center of her forehead was a big crystal and one on each temple, and one on each part of the back of the head near the base of the skull. A small thin laser hit the center crystal and each of them lit up. She fell unconscious and I saw her levitate over to a waiting table and the helmet removed. The man went next and the same thing. By this point I was absolutely petrified. I didn't know what they were doing, for all I know they were killing them. I was panicked and freaked when I came last. I don't remember what the Grays said but I think it was something close to "If you want to go home, you have to do this." and somehow they managed to convince me. I remember sitting in the chair, the gray fitting me with the same helmet and one thing I remember clearly was being told "look at the dot" I looked down away from the projector and I saw this big black dot on the wall behind it that I didnt see before and I was confused for a second. Before I realized what was happening, my entire vision went Red I lost all my air and I fell unconscious. From there I ended up waking in my bed, no memory, no recollection, and the mark from the exam room.

I had one incident at 5 years old as well, around 2000-2001 but ill leave that for another time.

The cut healed up and disappeared within 12 hours of me finding it. Even though it looked deep enough for stitches. I know many may not believe, but simply put; if your a abductee, try and stay strong. If your not, don't judge us. My personal guess I that for every 1 that can remember their own, 1,000 people are still unknowing of their own abduction.

We are far from alone.

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