Alien Abduction and Physical Examination, Calgary Ab, March 14th 2016

by Alexis
(Calgary Alberta Canada)

I was up late as always watching some youtube. I had my band aid changed on my left thumb because of necrotic tissue that i was waiting to have removed in the morning once i got my nail clippers from the dollar store and the bandage was good for bed. it wouldn't move or anything and for the last hour or 2 i felt like i was being watched, so i did what i always do. I locked everything, turned off all unnecessary lights and went to my bed and watched some youtube on low light and volume. Then something new came over me, I was lying there and i had this almost surge of calm come over me. I started getting dizzy and my breathing increased from panic a bit but then slowly came down again. It felt like some had drugged me. But i was at home and no one would do it here. I now knew i wasn't alone anymore. I tried to lean up only to find myself paralyzed and without warning something said "Sleep" and the calm turned to lethargic calm and I blacked out. I woke up about 5 hours later (but only a second later to me) with a headache, stomach upset, and i had the strangest feeling that i had woken up at some point in the night but couldn't remember when or where or why. I leaned up and felt so odd and sick. I felt like what i had before, like i had a surgery and just woke up in PACU. I was too tired to care and it was too early in the morning so i fell asleep. When i woke up another 6 hours later and felt better i began to wonder whether it was a dream or nightmare. I went to the kitchen 10 feet away and started getting my medicine together when i realized something. I saw my left hand and not only was the band aid on my hand gone, but the dead tissue as well. I nearly hit the floor in shock, I realized something then, i looked closely at the tissue that was remaining and realized..Someone cut it off. I rubbed a finger against it and could feel and see the smooth edge of what a scalpel or nail clipper did as it cut and trimmed the dead tissue off my living skin. I searched my bed and found no way anything could have torn it since their was nothing to cut it with. I sleep in polyester blankets on a leather smooth couch and there was nothing on in or around me that could have torn it. But it also didn't match the wound. If it was torn, my skin would have shown the jagged marks of being tugged and ripped off. But it was smooth, clearly a sharp instrument had done it. I searched my bed and found the band aid. On the other side of my bed where it didnt belong and squished together. Then I started remembering "Wait a sec, Grays are known to have crap strength and dexterity. So if they took off the band aid before taking me and it stuck to itself, they wouldn't have been able to un-sitck it. But one thing was clear, someone cut off the dead tissue for me and some time later i began to remember why i had the gut feeling i had woke up. I was in a deep meditation and just let my memory wander into my concious like i did after my amnesia from a concussion that let me recover. (Which aided my recovery and saved me from permanent disability) I saw myself waking, i was heavy and my entire body up to my shoulders was really warm. My head was leaned to the left on a pillow and my vision was blurred a bit but when i looked down i could see a yellowy green slime covering me and i was in a giant vat of the stuff at a warm heat. The 2 blurred gray figures looked a bit startled that i had woke as they took a step back from me, my vision still burry. Then this black figure came and he spoke to me "Hello, just listen to my voice. You are safe. Feel the warmth around you? Just let it sit with you for a moment. feel it surrounding you. Let your eyes rest and be heavy. (Now i was tired and comfortably warm and rested my head down on the pillow where i woke) Feel yourself sinking..slowly and slowly away..." That's when i got too tired and comfy again and passed out. It's why i knew i woke but couldn't remember why. I wasn't supposed to remember.

( The photo is of my finger when i woke the next morning. Dead tissue was removed from left to right. there was at least 3mm of dead tissue and it was gone as a result of the next morning. Hopefully you can see the cut mark as someone took it off It may be hard to see from camera, but the tissue that was there, the white dead tissue is obviously gone except for the needed tissue to prevent bleeding.)

This is one of the few times i had some sort of evidence that something had happened. Everything was still locked and my memory is still missing about anything else that happened.

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