alien abduction from room, Edmonton Alberta, summer of 1998

by Alison
(London, Ontario, Canada)

In the summer of 1998, I was pregnant with my first son. I was living in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband and several room mates. One night, I was lying in bed with my husband who was asleep and our dog.

I suddenly felt a strange presence and extreme fear.

I looked toward the window located on the wall at end of the bed and noticed a very thin figure. It was much thinner than a human. It had long thin limbs and a large head.

I was terrified.

I started screaming at my husband, yelling his name and shaking him in an attempt to wake him. As I tried to wake him, the creature levitated through the window/wall toward the bed.

Our dog stood up and started barking. I couldn't believe that my husband wasn't waking up. I continued to shake him and even punched his shoulder.

The dog was running back and forth on the bed, circling and barking at the creature.

The next thing I recall was waking up the following morning in bed. I told my husband and our roommates what had happened but they didn't believe me.

They thought that I must have seen a shadow. They looked outside but couldn't find anything that could have cast a shadow into that window.

The following night or a few nights later (it was a long time ago...I can't remember how long between the episodes) it happened again.

I felt an intense fear.

I lay very still because I wanted to see if the dog noticed it too (my husband had argued that the dog had only freaked out previously because I was freaking out).

I laid still and waited. Again, I saw the figure outside the window looking into the room at the bed.

My dog stood up on the bed facing it and all the fur from his tail to his ears stood on end. He started barking at the figure.

The figure slowly advanced through the window. I then noticed two more figures coming through the window/wall on the left of me.

All three figures surrounded my side of the bed (one at my feet and two to the left of me - one by my shoulder and one by my leg). I was terrified.

Again, I blanked out and awoke the next morning. I can't explain what happened.

I didn't notice any marks on my body. My clothes were not in disarray. I never saw them again.

I feel it is important to note that the figures were also translucent. I could see their shape but they appeared to be some sort of liquid or something like mercury.

I could see the walls and windows through them and they appeared to float or levitate toward me. I do not recall hearing a humming or any other type of noise emanating from them.

I did not notice any lights coming from the window to indicate a craft of some sort outside. Just the beings coming into my room. I haven't read or heard of anyone seeing these types of figures.

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Dec 31, 2018
1965 Winnipeg encounter

Hi Anonymous,

I would be interested in hearing more of your encounters as a child, as well as, any additional information you may wish to provide regarding this phenomenon.

Thank you,

Executive Director

Dec 31, 2018
Summer Abduction of '98

Hi Alison,

I would be very interested in hearing more of your encounter during the summer of '98 and any other information you you may wish to relate regarding this sort of phenomenon, past or present.

Thank you,

Executive Director

Dec 26, 2018
If you could contact me
by: Laila

Hi! Your story interested me very much. If you see my comment, I would love to hear more about your story (I am serching for stories like this for a project) Thanks you !

Sep 20, 2017
I had an alien visitor too
by: Anonymous

I had a figure come into my room when I was a teen in Winnipeg but I couldn't see it clearly because I froze in fear. It came into my room and passed my bed then it seemed to take something from my dresser. Then as it was about to leave it reached over, i had my back to it still frozen, and with 3 fingers it touched my neck. Even weirder yet not long before, maybe 6 months before, I awoke to bright lights in my room. I went to the window to see where the light was coming from and the yard was flooded with light. You know what US stranger though, even though I could see no source if the light I never looked up. So odd. I don't remember going back to bed or even the next day. That was in 1965 when there seemed to be UFO activity in Wpg.but I had no idea then except for the Falcon lake case. Because of that touch on the neck sometimes at night I sometimes still pull the covers up over my neck.

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