Alien Abduction - Reports from Canada

Alien Abduction Reports

Alien abduction in Canada?

If there has, it certainly has not received the kind of coverage of the famous story of Betty and Barney Hill.

But, that doesn't mean that it has not occurred.

I hope that you never have your own story of an abduction, but if you do, please report it here.

It may well be that memories around the event are sketchy.  In fact, the most common thread around reported possible abductions is the sense of missing time - especially while driving.

Others have said to experience visitors who appear in their rooms while sleeping.  Easy to write off as a dream of course, but sometimes there is strange evidence, like small skin marking that match up to the "dream" memory.

There are even organizations that are set up to help people deal with the psychological aftermath.

Also, if you know of any alien encounter stories in Canada, or that happened to Canadians while outside the country, even in the past, please report it here.

If there is one type of UFO sightings story that we should share and learn from, this is it.

Report Alien Abduction in Canada

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Reports of Alien Abductions

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alien abduction from room, Edmonton Alberta, summer of 1998 
In the summer of 1998, I was pregnant with my first son. I was living in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband and several room mates. One night, I was lying …

Sighting, paralysis missing time, witness , Alberta - 2015 July 15 drayton valley  
I was driving a friend home on the evening of July 15 2015 in back country Alberta just off a range road not far from the town of drayton valley (population …

Woke up on couch after possible alien abduction - Temagami Ontario 
I don't remember anything. I woke up on the couch. A day later I noticed bruising and marks on my arm. I'm not stating outright I was abducted but I can't …

Not an actual abduction? more like visitations, Medicine Hat, AB and Saskatoon, SK, First started about 1990 or so 
There are 3 persons in my family, myself, my wife and one son. The only instance with my wife is she was napping and told me that a gray alien had supposedly …

Terrace, june 2017  Not rated yet
I don't know the exact date during the was in the middle of the night.I was sleeping. I woke up.when i open my eyes i blinked a few times.when …

Alien Abduction and Physical Examination, Calgary Ab, March 14th 2016 Not rated yet
I was up late as always watching some youtube. I had my band aid changed on my left thumb because of necrotic tissue that i was waiting to have removed …

alien abduction and Physical exam , Feb. 17th 2016 1:30am. Home. (Calgary AB) Not rated yet
I cant remember much of what happened. Everything is still really fresh and my memory is still gone about what happened. The little that I can remember …

Not Abduct-able but now compromised (unknown), Area of Kingston, Ontario, 06-03-2015 Not rated yet
I am Zen StarWalker, Ufologist, musician, actor, writer, experienced many paranormal events and beings, but have not been abducted.. Until today. And …

Calgary Alberta, March 24 Not rated yet
On the 24th of March i had a "dream" of an alien abduction. When I went to bed i felt a very real presence in my room watching me. I also could hear …

I was taken from my bedroom, Grande Prairie Alberta Canada, Appox. 1970 Not rated yet
I was very young when this happened to me about 6 or 7 yrs. old. I went bed one night feeling un easy like I was being watched. I fell asleep later that …

Canadians Experience Possible Alien Abduction in Upstate New York? Not rated yet
Holy crap I was just watching a show on the History channel called The Real Close Encounters. They document many of the stories that were the basis of …

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