Black Triangle UFO NW Edmonton Alberta - August 7th 2016

by CL
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Crude drawing of object travelling NW above tree line - Aug 7 2016

Crude drawing of object travelling NW above tree line - Aug 7 2016

My 10 yr old son and I were looking at Saturn and Mars which were low above the SE horizon through our 8 inch refractor telescope from our back garden at around 10.45pm. Sky was slightly hazy with some cloud.

After we finished looking, my son pointed up to the NW part of the sky and said quite calmly: "Er... there's a UFO!". I didn't turn around at first and simply said "yea right!" When I did look, a very slow moving object was travelling in a North West to North direction with about five large red lights. The lights were completely symmetrical (in a horizontal line), no flashing, no other colours. There was no sound.. it was not an aircraft we could identify and a little too big to be a domestic drone.

We watched it travelling above the tree line for about 20 seconds when it suddenly accelerated vey fast for about 3 seconds in a North (seemingly downwards) direction. Its change in direction revealed it to be triangular; possibly black but you could see the outline. My son started crying and I told him to stay calm and that it was probably a drone. I spent the next two hours looking up any image that even loosely corresponded to a drone and it was then that I saw UFO images/graphics that looked pretty close to what we saw.

I sketched a crude drawing where you can see how it looked above the tree line (including a power line pole (TE) for the first 20 seconds.

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Sep 05, 2016
triangle ufo
by: Anonymous

It is always good to have a camcorder or a smartphone so u could record every ufo sightings u may see and yes I also seen the same ufo as u described

Aug 25, 2016
strange object in Northwest edmonton
by: Ryan

Hi I just wanted to say that I also saw the object. I am a mature pilot and I can tell you that the object I saw in the north west sky in Edmonton, Alberta was no aircraft. As I watched it hover in the sky it scared me. We are not alone.

Aug 15, 2016

The following reports are for all prairie aerodromes for August 07, 2016. All occurrences were located at CYYC.

Cadors Number:2016C3076 Occurrence Category(ies):
• Undershoot/overshoot
Cadors Number: 2016C3077 Occurrence Category(ies): • Undershoot/overshoot
Cadors Number: 2016C3079 Occurrence Category(ies): • Undershoot/overshoot

Cadors Number: 2016C3080 Occurrence Category(ies): • Wildlife

This event investigation is ongoing.

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