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Bright hyper orbs moving near odd dark projectioner shaped object, odd arrow to right and dog like white face in clouds far right

by "Yikeswhatsthat"
(Ottawa Canada)

I hope the photo comes out of this. It was over Quebec, as are all of my sightings are from Ottawa. It was a cloudy evening i early July of 2017. I noticed something mixing near the rapids and what you see in the photo as a blob of bright light on the left, lower, were actually super bright orbs bouncing around in that area. I saw them individually but when I took the picture they were too bright and moving too fast for the camera so they came out as a big blur of brightness.

Over to the right of the brightness you will see a big cloud but hanging under it there is a small darker object which looks like an old projector they used to show demos on. It's pointing at the orbs.

Over to the right of that to the right of the shot is a weird arrow shaped darker cloud pointing towards the left and in the top left is a white section that when enlarged looks like a dogs face looking towards the orbs. I hope you can enlarge the shot.

I have a video of this too and in it you can see movement in the bright spot which were the orbs.

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