Bright light moving west to east, Calgary, Alberta, July 25 11:05 pm

by Jason Urichuk
(Calgary, AB, Canada )

I observed a bright white light moving across the sky from west to east. No sound or other lights that might have indicated it was a commercial airliner. I was facing south and the path of the light was probably 20-30 degrees below zenith to the south. I was able to watch the light for 2-3 minutes until it moved low enough on the eastern horizon to be obscured by lights from the city. I assume the source of the light is a satellite or asteroid, but it was much brighter than any I've seen before and was moving much more rapidly. I first observed the light when it was just passing directly south of my position, and it took no more than probably three minutes to completely disappear from view the in the east. It was perhaps 10 degrees above the eastern horizon when I lost sight of the light. The light continued in what appeared to be a straight line. It did not appear to deviate from its course and it's speed did not appear to vary.

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