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Calgary Alberta, March 24

by Rennie Beatty Goodfellow
(Calgary Alberta Canada)

On the 24th of March i had a "dream" of an alien abduction. When I went to bed i felt a very real presence in my room watching me. I also could hear a humming noise in my ear but didn't think much of it. My dream started with me being aware that they were coming with a clock to the exact second of when they would arrive. My dream skipped and i was in my backyard looking up at my roof smiling at a ship. It skipped again and i was in my room "this part i believe to be true" I woke up and looked at my door, Two greys walked toward me, a smaller one and another taller one that looked more human. The small one telepathically told me that they needed my help and that they were dieing. He also explained to me that we were one and the same. he reached out his hand and i grabbed it. The "dream" skipped again and i was in a class room setting with probably 15-20 other people and the small grey was at the front asking and answering questions. My "dream" skipped again i was in a dark room with the tall grey i don't know what we were doing. It skipped again and was back in the class room and the small grey said to us that they were going to take us back now. I woke up from the "dream" right after that unable to move my hand to cover my eyes from a light in my room. In the morning when i got out of bed i was naked and a pain in my groin like i was kicked in the nuts.

Two days latter i decided to do some research on what the dream was and this is what i found. ill start with the signs that i was abducted. * You have chronic insomnia, and you hear a tapping or humming noise just as you're dropping off to sleep.

* You may dream of aliens and UFOs directly, or you may dream of vaguely mysterious beings but remember none of the details except one: The beings had very large eyes.

* You have the feeling you're being watched, especially as you're dropping off to sleep. Or you wake up in the middle of the night because you think someone -or something- is watching you. You may even see one or more shadowy figures standing around the bed, staring at you.

* You sleepwalk. You've gone to sleep in one place and woken up in another with no explanation for how it happened. (And alcohol is not involved.)

* For the first few seconds or minutes after awakening, you are paralyzed and can't move your body.

* When you wake up and find small drops of blood on your pillow, but there's no explanation for how they got there.

* You see smoke, fog, or haze at a time and in a place for which there is no logical explanation.

* You have an unexplained, irresistible desire to walk or drive to a particular location, where you believe something "familiar, yet unknown" will soon happen. You may experience a heightened level of anxiety in the days leading up to this strange happening.

* You have unexplained soreness or stiffness, or a mysterious rash on one or more parts of your body. There may also be evidence that your skin has been scraped (and a sample taken).

* You find new scars on your body and you have no idea how they got there. (And alcohol is not involved.)

* There may be evidence that the scene of your abduction has been "staged" to look as if nothing happened, but a few incorrect details might be noticeable. For example, if you went to bed wearing pajamas, you may wake up nude or dressed in only underwear, with the pajamas folded up neatly and placed at the foot of the bed. You may even wake up in the wrong room of the house. If you were abducted from your car, you may find that items in the car or in the trunk have been moved around.

* Your ability to remember things suddenly becomes stronger, and you may even develop psychic powers that enable you to see events in the future.

* You suddenly get a sense of mission or the feeling that you have been chosen (by the aliens) for an important purpose, but you don't know what it is. This often replaces feelings of low self-esteem that you had before the alien encounter.

* You become less trusting of other people, especially doctors, police, and other authority figures, than you were before.

* You have an uncontrollable urge to take vitamins.

* You develop an interest in UFOs, astronomy, or physics. Or, conversely, an aversion to being around other people when they are discussing these subjects.

OK now on to the dream, remember the two grey's? The small one is a "type 1" is like the commander of the taller one and they tend to be more loving and caring for humans, thats why the small one was the one talking to me and why i wasnt afraid when they were in my room. The tall one is a "type 2" often reported to come along side a "type 1". The "type 2" grey are a hybrid between humans and the type one grey witch is why the tall one seemed to be alot more human looking to me. The type 2's are also in charge of medical procedures witch it why i was in the room with him by my self.

The reason the aliens said we were one and the same is because they are us, but from far into the future. So far into the future that they have genetically manipulated them selfs so much that they can either no longer reproduce or for some-other reason are going extinct. And they said they needed our help to prolong the life of there species by making alien human hybrids. So the next morning my balls hurt because they removed some of my sperm to genetically manipulate it. The reason they took me is because they follow genetic lines so either my mom or my dad or both experience the same things i have and either dont want to talk about it or dont remember it. This also means that my kids will go through the same thing.

Im pretty bad at explaining the hybridization program so watch these videos i found on it

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