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Could the Windsor hum be related to UFO / aliens?

The Windsor Hum is usually heard at night, and mostly on the Canadian side of the river

The Windsor Hum is usually heard at night, and mostly on the Canadian side of the river

There is an interesting mystery that has developed around a series of loud noises occurring around Windsor, Ontario. Most often, it is described as a loud hum, that seems to originate in the general direction of Zug Island.

The sounds started in February 2011, grew gradually louder over the next few months, then subsided. When the noise was first reported, it was described most commonly as a low-frequency hum, but included a vibration strong enough to cause items to shake. Interestingly, it was often described as airborn.

Then, in September 2011, the sound started up again, and it was louder. As described by a reporter with the Windsor Star:
"I was awakened this morning at 3:30 a.m. to a consistent, low-pitched sound of a distant throbbing bass. I could actually feel its vibration — just enough to keep me awake."

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Map of Windsor Hum events:

View Possible Sources of the Windsor/Essex County Hum in a larger map

The nearby City of River Rouge had hired a consultant and sought the help of the provincial Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Canada.

By the end of September 2011, CBC reported on research results provided to 150 concerned residents in a public meeting. "...the source is an airborne sound wave originating from the general vicinity of Zug Island in River Rouge" (Michigan). "However, consultant Rick Harding couldn't specifically name the source and warned residents he may never be able to do so.".

So now they had a more precise location, but still no real answers.

As time went on, the sounds became louder and more varied. One resident has been quoted describing the sounds having a ground, not airborne source:

Resident Sonia Skilling: “It’s in the ground and it feels like there is a subway under the house. It happens at all different times — in the middle of the night, as well." By January 2012, she said, "we actually had things move on the walls".

Another resident description, from August 2011:

"It sounded like a locomotive lumbering down the tracks or the rumbling of distant thunder, but it was consistent and it actually seemed to pulse — like
the hearbeat of an alien!"

That last comment, along with some general UFO research I've been doing got me thinking about possible UFO connections.

Now, to be fair, the area is heavily industrialized, and there are miles and miles of salt mine tracks below the ground, operating at all hours of the day. So there are other "normal" explanations.

But, that doesn't explain why the hum started just in Feb 2011, or why it's getting worse.

Also, those obvious potential explanations have NOT been confirmed by official investigations so far.

So... could there be a completely different, alien source?

Here are some coincidental findings that lend credence to at least the possibility of UFO activity:

  • Lake Erie has long been identified as a hot spot for UFO sightings.

  • Lake St. Clair is also another hot spot for UFO sightings

  • Windsor is on land that sits between these two lakes. Zug Island is a man-made island that sits on the waterway connecting the two lakes.

  • The sightings of UFO activity in this area include a number of reports where the alien space craft doesn't just hover in the sky, they dive underwater too

  • People who have witnessed alien space craft up-close often describe a loud hum, or vibration, emanating from the craft.

  • There is the odd account of some people claiming to have interacted with space aliens, and who were told that the primary reason of their visits is to mine for materials from our water.

  • Lake Erie is named after the aboriginal Erie tribe. According to Wikipedia, "The names Erie and Eriez are shortened forms of Erielhonan, meaning "long tail." The Erielhonan were also called the "Cat" or the "Raccoon" people." Some UFO researches claim that there are also legends that describe some reptilian looking beings around the Lake Erie area.

Of course, none of these observations on its own offer conclusive proof of UFOs or alien intervention.

But, taken together, the observations provide an interesting backdrop for other possible, unusual and unexpected explanations for the Windsor hum.

Failing that, it could make an interesting base to build a sci-fi movie. :-)

What do you think?

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