Drone Aircraft or UFO?

It's quite possible that a lot of what people consider a UFO sighting is actually a man-made item. Increasingly, one of those possibilities could be a drone.

Drone Aircraft

From what I've seen in my UFO research, the best explanation for man-made 'UFO lights in sky' are drones - both military drones and drones used by 'civilians'.

Military Drones

Military drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can operate in ways that we aren't used to seeing in aircraft. They were designed primarily for surveillance, so their preternatural quiet can be quite disturbing.

And, some drone aircraft sometimes look like what we have come to think of as alien UFO shapes - perhaps purposely to provide a ruse in case they are seen.

Civilian remote control drones

Spy Drones

The use of drones is starting to become much more common than most people realize. As the cost of a drone comes down, they are more likely to be used by various levels of law enforcement.

A drone's ability to cover large areas can be a real boon in tracking the bad guys, discovering illegal crops or finding missing children. And perhaps criminals are more likely to let down their guard if they think they are seeing a UFO.

Video Drones

But other, more esoteric drone use is also coming into vogue. Scientists have used video drones to track movement of wild animal herds for instance.

And, at least one journalist has rented a video drone in order to obtain aerial video footage of a mass demonstration, when police wouldn't allow journalists close contact on the ground.

In April 2012, a Quebec company actually worked with an Israeli company to promote the use of drones for research, as well as corporate and even individual use.

This is an area that hold both great promise and great risk to personal privacy. Would backyard sunbathers be enthralled or worried about privacy if they saw a UFO lurking above the treetops?

Imagine the legal issues in trying to control the use of drones if you can't prove that it wasn't an alien space craft instead of a drone.

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