flashing bright white light! peterborough Ontario (in southern sky) 3/15/2016

(Peterborough ontario canada)

just after 8 pm. i was going out side to have a smoke in my garage and saw a flash of bright light. (similar to some of the brighter stars in our skies,Venus.
thought to my self maybe it was a shooting star. kept my eyes on the sky, and saw another flash, then another! (now i knew it wasn't a meteor shower) the flashing light was moving west. judging its movement from the other stars in the sky. it passed by Orion's belt passed a bright star north or the constellation, flew in a full circle around it. then started to fly south east. it continued to flash I counted Mississippi's (seconds) "almost" every 5 missisipies it would give off a flash similar to a camera flash. I ran inside yelling at my roommate to come out quick and see this weird thing in the sky. running back out side I could see it miles (south east) from where it was when i last saw it( north west of Orion belt) it was now far on the horizon. my roommate had not come outside to see, so i was yelling "there it is!" "THERE IT IS AGAIN!" trying to encourage him to join me outside, because I felt like it couldn't be possible for what I was seeing ... after I saw it and yelled for the third time.. it had stopped flashing and I could no longer see the object. (looked like it could have been heading in the direction of the Trenton Air Base or south of there.. Lake Ontario.
thinking I should get a good camera so I might be able to catch some video, if i should see it again.

it was about a half an hour after sunset (beautiful sunset multiple colors, yellow orange pink to purple with a clearing blue sky.)

i saw a plane flying by after moving in a straight direction (WEST) that looked nothing alike... The plane i could visibly see red green and white lights flashing every second .. unlike the strange object i saw moments before .. no colored lights just a blinking bright white light.

sighting lasted around 5 minutes.

p.s. I have my own personal drones and this did not fly like anything i have every seen before.

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Aug 10, 2018
by: Michael

I seen my first one a few months back. I counted the seconds between flashes but had too get back too work. It was around midnight.I seen my second one tonight a little after five am. Light on the horizon sun was coming up. First flash I shut my truck off and stepped out. It flashed twice more and then disappeared. Since the first incident iv been looking for it. I was pretty excited to see it again heading the same direction.

Aug 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

I see it twice in the last few months. I work 12 hour night shifts. Just how you seen it.

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