flashing lights in the sky. 3:30 in the morning til about 4:30. midwestern Ontario. September 12 2016

by Lloyd Allen
(Bluevale, Ontario, Canada)

To the southwest of Bluevale Ontario was a tight grouping of flashing coloured lights about 3 times the size of the brightest star I could see on this relatively clear night.

At first it was moving in small amounts up & down & side to side. Then it held it's position about 20 degrees above the horizon .

I watched it from out on my back porch with a pair of not very powerful binoculars and it was quite clear that it was not a plane or a helicopter.

The pattern of lights was wrong - in a triangle and flashing rather than blinking. It was still there when I went to bed at 4:30

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Jan 16, 2017
Orange Glowing Ball
by: Chris Neron

I was coming home from Hanover, On Canada and I was turning onto Con 6 near Paisley On. As I turned an orange glowing ball with a yellow center came across the field and followed along side my van, it was 2x the size of my van. It followed alongside of me for about a half kilometer then went up over my van and back the way we had just come down the road. this was at 5:30 pm at end of November 2016 and it was dark and drizzling out.

Oct 13, 2016
same time London On
by: Anonymous

saw same thing from 3-30 -4-00 and moved very little saw clear light beam onto roof top next door to me large clear white light with blue flashes from center of object looked "triangler" in shape but see threw line in center of object it was pointing up it was south of London On /|\ looked like this type of shape but triangle

Sep 27, 2016
Same occurrence happened today in Calgary!
by: Anonymous

From 2-30 and still going now at 5:30 there is a very bright "star" like thing in the sky, mostly stays in the same position but does move a little here and there. There is tons of smaller bright drones all around and are taking position above homes individually. I feel like this is an invasion, I was able to spot a larger carrier type ship quite high up!!

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