Greyish saucer shaped UFO spotted in clouds in Canada at Sunset

by carolyn
(ottawa, ontario, canada)

I have been spotting UFOs over this region for several years now and many sightings have been in clouds so I have gotten to know different clouds and formations quite well.

There are certain signs in clouds to look for I have found and you will see much more with binoculars - good ones - that you should use if a certain section of cloud looks a 'little odd'.

Go with that instinct because most likely you will be rewarded through the binoculars if you look at that odd spot.

So it was with me last night around 7:30pm. Sunset is a big time for spotting UFOs, your chances of seeing one or more are greater at sunset it seems, or so it has been for me.

Over the last few years of watching odd clouds and certain weird shapes like sharp cornered clouds or ones that just seem very strange to be made up of cloud matter randomly I have observed bright dots of light in strands of clouds too that usually appear in pairs - look like headlights.

Sometimes these 'headlights' are in a long string in a lighter strip of cloud and to me it almost looks like bright objects along some kind of observation deck - just the feeling I get about the way they look. You will see what I mean if you study the clouds at sunset much of the time.

Anywho last night I saw a few strips of those bright lights and then I noticed a few brighter lights in the clouds that were forming circles. A circle of brighter dots. Did not look random.

So I watched a few of those and some faded but mostly they stayed in that circle longer than most of the other clouds around them. I think maybe there were 5 circles over the hour I was watching the skies but one circle of bright dots really caught my eye to the northeast.

I was watching, through my binoculars, and just as I was going to move on to another circle to see if it morphed into something else I noticed the depth of this 'thing' deepened and clouds got out of the way as if this thing was rising out of them and a UFO appeared. Shock.

Each time I see a UFO it's always a huge surprise because you can't see many of them with your naked eye - you just get drawn to an area of the sky by something odd shaped or you think you see something move, whatever, but do go with that instinct you have to look because most likely you are right. That's when you will see what I saw and have seen before.

So I continued to watch this circle of brighter small lights and as it rises I can see the depth of the thing. It's saucer shaped and round not pointy at either end and flat but much thicker.

I can also see lines that go from top to bottom and it looks like it's divided into segments and in the middle there seems to be windows all around although I could only see one side.

The UFO wasn't spinning or moving at all really, just seemed to be sitting there but could have been slowly ascending and I couldn't tell.

It was fairly large but I don't think it was football field sized as is the way some Motherships are described sometimes but it wasn't small either. It wasn't too high in the sky either, not near the horizon but not way up there to where it would have been a pinprick of light perhaps. It was in a lower cloud.

The color of the UFO looked greyish, metallic, and from what I saw there were no real lights from what I could tell. The UFO was formed into a round disc shape and I could see definite sides and like I said markings on the vehicle like ruts and windows. I haven't seen that much detail on any UFO sighting I have ever had.

Now I did get a picture of the circle of lights and others last night but they are on a throw away camera so I have to get them all developed. Other sightings are on those rolls too which I will get developed soon. I will provide them to you if they come out.

Speaking of taking pictures of it, and maybe it was a coincidence but I doubt it, when I took the picture of this circle of lights I used a flash as it was getting darker at sunset on my balcony and after it flashed I noticed that the UFO started to quickly fade into a splat of light and I thought 'haha gotcha'. lol. Just a feeling I got, it was like it saw the flash and realized someone was photographing them.

Last night I also saw other strange formations from a cloud that looked totally like a truck with windows and a rounded front to clouds that formed a long funnel of circles that went to a point. There must have been 50 different shapes going on, like one huge art class or something.

Today is overcast and not a good day for spotting UFOs but last night was amazing. People don't watch skies long enough and don't scan with binoculars and that's why even more sightings go unnoticed.

I have seen a fabulous triangle UFO made up of 5 bright lights tucked into a nitch of a cloud and under it were 4 other bright lights dancing around under it - it was in the middle of the day in a blue sky, it's as if the cloud moved but the UFO didn't move with it.

I saw something near that cloud and sure enough when I looked through my binoculars there it was. Amazing. I have had other sightings and many of them in the daytime. These sightings are always in the skies over Gatineau and Aylmer Quebec here in Canada.

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