I know What I Saw

by Jammes Nuzzello
(New Haven, Ct)

The first question is how a spacecraft can fly with extraordinary speed while zigzagging through air.

The second curiosity is how are they able to be silent. And most interesting is what is the modus of arrival and return.

Okay, their speed, and ability to maneuver is relative with electromagnetic waves lengths. Magnetics, and electrical charges in the atmosphere enable the craft to balance riding through, against, and outside the current.

There are using highly sophisticated heat resistant light weight metals which are obviously not of this planet.

Their ability to go undetected by sound is a force I can only describe as a vibration. For example; put two magnets opposite to each other, and you'll feel a silent energy. There is some vibration, but virtually silent energy.

There are people who make claims which they believe are prone to UFO sighting, and no one else in the vicinity has witnessed.

This is explainable by observing ancient ruins, and carvings left by civilizations all around the globe. There are two significant similarities of figures which are revered.

The sun, and the thunderbird are common symbols amongst many ancient observers. The reason being, upon seeing a flying spacecraft, the bird is represented as the explanation.

Humor me for a moment. It's rational to believe for some to witness and others not.

The electromagnetic spectrum has a visible spectrum (color) which is only visible to the naked eye if light is bent. A metallic spacecraft traveling through the electromagnetic wavelength. Bends the light it is riding on, and thus the speed at which it travels is like a blip, or an incredible sight.

If it were me living in an ancient civilization. I have to express the object as coming from the only available source, the sun. And flying like a huge bird.

I happen to also believe their crafts are energized by invisible light waves containing electrical energies. Take for instance the aurora borealis lights are basically electrified particles produced by the electromagnet wavelengths surrounding this planet as they travel through space. And the density of our planet in the way of this current.

Now here is were it gets interesting. There is a sure possibility of highly sophisticated civilizations who live on a spacecraft. Take for instance if our planet wasn't interrupted by cataclysmic pauses.

Imagine how farther advanced our technology would be. Its not far fetched, that these visitors are from our own future. As in, they were us now.

There are no DNA evidence supporting the existence of human beings on record to date. Scientist have documented Neanderthal, and Cremeans with less than .12% chance humans are linked between prehistoric man, or any other species on earth as a matter of fact.

You be the judge. And I didn't even get into how some of the hugest ancient civilizations, and whole societies, and tribes which thrived for hundreds of years mysteriously vanished with virtually no sign as to how, or why.

End of story

' Be immune to rumor" Jimmy Nuzz

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