Is this a giant image of an alien woman hidden in the Badlands of Alberta?

Did ancient aliens create this

Did ancient aliens create this

Check out this extra-ordinary clear image of a face and upper body "monument" which is actually part of the Badlands in Alberta, east of Medicine Hat.

Monument of an alien woman?

The satellite photos reveal what appears to be a bust of a human-like figure. You can clearly make out not only the facial outline (facing west), but you can see facial features too: a mouth, nose, eye and even the eyebrow outline. The outline of a neck and shoulders completes the visage.

It even looks like the figure is wearing a headdress of some kind - to me, it looks like a feather.

And, what a lovely coincidence, the only built feature in the area is perfectly placed to resemble an earring.

Here is the description offered by the original discoverer, Scott Waring:

"The face shows a proud face of a male who looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s. There is a crown like object upon his head or even may be a headdress for a chief..."

Ok, call my biased, but to me it looks like an alien woman. :-)

There appears to be the outline of a tunic and perhaps even a necklace to help complete the imagery.

Others have suggested, it also resembles some of the figures in ancient Mayan art as well.

And some see two alien images in the feature, with the second, smaller face found above the forehead of the main figure.

Was this feature created by ancient aliens?

As noted by Scott Waring:

Now this is not hills and mountains that formed a face, this is a face that formed the hills and mountains."

When you consider the great level of detail in the satellite image, it's hard not to come to the same conclusion.

Were there aliens on earth long ago?

When you consider that the badlands in Alberta were created
in the distant past, long before humans, it's not hard to come to the conclusion that ancient aliens may have been responsible.

This particular area of the badlands also seems to have a large flat area, near the "shoulder" of the image - a perfect landing spot for alien spaceships.

How to see this for yourself

Look at the Google map below, and zoom out to get your bearings, or zoom in to get a better look at the features. You can even go to the Google Earth and do a fly-over to get a completely different perspective.

The feature is in Cypress County, Division 1, Alberta.

continued below map....

What almost looks like an earring in the enhanced photo above is actually a building at the end of a road.

The building is described as:
The Badlands Guardian Walsh, and is located at
Township Road 123A, Walsh, AB T0J 3L0, Canada

Did the road builders have an aerial view of the land before the road was planned out? Its placement is a wonderful addition to the aerial view.

Here is what the area looks like in Google Maps:
Note: The image above has been enhanced to better define the features of the landscape.

continued below map...

View Mysterious findings: Alien statue in the rocks of Alberta? in a larger map

More on the possible connection to aliens

This fascinating feature in the Alberta badlands was first discovered on Google Earth by Scott Waring, author and UFO researcher.

Waring describes it as an "Alien Face hidden to look like mountains", and claims that he has found similar huge alien monuments on Mars, like this one:

Monument of alien figure on Mars
Similar alien image on surface of Mars
found by Scott Waring

For more on Waring's analysis and opinion of this find, watch this video...

(comments area below video)

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Mar 14, 2018
Behind the head
by: Anonymous

Behind or to right is another head with mouth open you can clearly see nose and eye

Sep 15, 2015
the road on the badlands guardian

The road that's comes up to the middle of the face around where the ear would be, where or what is it going to? Is there a building there or a some kind of structure or is it going into the mountain itself?

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