Lights in the sky Niagara Falls Ontario May 2015

by Kelsey Gray
(Niagara Falls Ontario )

Walking home from a bar with a buddy I look into the sky at the beer garden lights and see two elongated lights in the sky, higher in the atmosphere blocked a bit by some clouds, then as the beer garden lights go up into the sky it reflects off of a third light that wasn't visible until then. It looks metallic and lights up differently than the other two as the light runs across it. We stop and watch the lights and at this point other people on the street are noticing it too. We keep watching and the clouds clear from the area, the lights are shaped almost like barbells, and there are three very faint outlines of something, that connects to the lights and forms a large shape in the sky of an arrow head almost. We keep watching and we notice a large beam almost of a spot light coming off the lights and going into the actual falls. At this point someone on the street brings out a high powered flash light and shines it at the beam of light, instantly I watch before my own eyes as the beam disappears and the two lights in the sky are suddenly gone yet the beer garden lights are still reflecting off of the third mysterious light. I was on Stamford street facing Clifton hill, the lights stayed from 11:00 to 11:40 pm when the flashlight was turned on. I have a video but the site won't allow me to upload it.

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