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Multiple, bright, colorful flashing UFOs in Toronto

These UFO sightings were so well observed - and filmed - that it made mainstream news in Toronto.

Multiple UFOs visible in north Toronto, 26 July 2014

I have some enhanced images I will upload shortly.

In the meantime, check out the whole video, and notice things like:

  • There are actually three 'sites' in the sky where the UFOs are visible
  • The lone UFO near the top of the screen changes in behaviour throughout the video
    - at the beginning of the video it looks to be spinning, and changing shape as it does so
    - if you watch closely, you can see it "break" into three or more separate lights
    - towards the end of the video, the light flashes, rather than spins
  • The line of UFOs going up on a diagonal change color as they "twinkle" on and off
  • At about the 1:11 mark, notice that a third UFO appears near the diagonal line of UFOs.
    This light seems larger and brighter than the ones on the diagonal, although they are on the same plane of sight.  The third light does not seem to show colors.

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