multiple UFO sightings - Okanagan, BC

enhanced UFO picture of Okanagan, BC sighting

enhanced UFO picture of Okanagan, BC sighting

enhanced UFO picture of Okanagan, BC sighting enhanced UFO picture taken at 3:18 multiple UFOs seen at 2:37 fewer UFO lights visible by 2:41

This is an interesting UFO video because it shows a number of different things - presumably all from the same day at the same location.

As far as I know, no one else has actually studied the video below for clues about the nature of the UFOs.

I have captured a few images from the video, and simply added enough contrast to better identify the UFOs. When you see the results, it quickly dispels any notion that these may be birds or balloons. Details below...

continued below map....

Okanagan UFO Sighting

You can clearly see from the UFO pictures above:

  • a close-up of a double-light UFO that shows different colour outlines around each light
  • the 2nd close-up also shows that the shape of the light changes as well as the colour of the edges of the light
  • as the UFO video progresses, you can see multiple lights in constant motion, like a hovering UFO fleet
  • you can see that the lights of the UFOs flicker off and on - just look at the difference in the visible fleet within 2:37 and 2:41 - both shown above
There is also another fascinating incident on the original video.

  • At about the 3:18 mark, if you are paying very close attention, you will see a UFO fly into the screen from the centre-right, at a very, very high speed. What is really amazing is that it then seems to slam right into another UFO!

    It looks like the "receiving" UFO was a hub of some kind - a mothership?

    Still, the speed at which the two UFO lights merged is incredible. Too fast for me to get a good screen capture. If you are able to show the 'fly-in', please add it below.

I came across this video in Oct 2012, a week or so after it was uploaded. In the description, it only said 2 Nov, Canada. Not much help! And the uploader does not write in English - Russian maybe? Unfortunately, the nondescript video is the version that is doing the rounds on UFO sites in 2012.

Intrigued, I did some digging. After much ado, I was able to find the original video, and a real description.

The sighting is from 2 Nov 2008, in the Okanagan area. In fact, the sighting was picked up by local news in Vernon, on CHBC. I've included that news video below the main one below.

Here is the original description:

Okanagan, BC, Canada, November 2nd, 2008 around supper time.
I filmed this right after a rainbow, which is why I had grabbed my camera to begin with. The rainbow was gone by the time I had my camera, but these countless orbs filled the sky. It was
nearly impossible to capture a good shot. I did the best that I could do. They stayed in formation for the most part and then drifted off. The sighting lasted about 10 minutes.

The witness also added some other important info later, in response to a question..
Yes there is a military base nearby, and we are surrounded by mountains as well. Not to mention the Chem Trails all the time; every couple days during summer.

In my UFO research, and also from my own experience, there does seem to be a connection between chemtrails and UFO sightings. As I've also read that UFOs can cloak themselves by creating a "cloud" around themselves, I wonder whether they are creating the chemtrails as a larger shield?

Sometimes the comments can add some interesting perspective, especially as time passes.
I'm always especially intrigued by similar sightings elsewhere in Canada.

Here are a few key comments:

South of Okanagan, BC:

" i just seen this sort of thing in vancouver wa today..... but they were flying around each other and coming in and out of the clouds"

posted in Feb 2012

Almost next door in Vernon, BC - from the military:

"I was in vernon in 09 in the Army Cadet base just when my Platoon came back from breakfast standing at attention I happen to look up and I saw 1 of these just sitting there I wanted to point and shout and tell the others to look up but if I did I would be in trouble so instead I just looked around to see if anybody else was seeing it. Unfourtunatly nobody was looking up and when I looked back up again it was gone.

posted in 2011

Similar sighting in Saskatchewan, two years later:

"Saw the SAME orbs over Saskatchewan around midnight Jan 4th,2010... saw 5-6 at one time 3moving towards east @high rate of speed & HIGH altitude,other 3 moving south to north, intersecting.btw...not the first strange lights/orbs we've seen in the sky out here!">

BC trucker's observations, two years later:

"And the same in BC at least 50 in the middle of the night doing a long haul"

posted in 2010

When you watch the video below, I recommend that you watch it a second time, and pause a few times to get a better sense of the changes that occur during the sighting. And remember to keep an eye out for the zooming UFO at about 3:18, coming from the center-right...

UFO Video - Okanagan, BC, 2 Nov 2008

This UFO sighting was also picked up by local news in Vernon, on CHBC. I thought that you may find this interesting because the witness adds a little bit more information about what he saw as well.

Do you have any other information to add about this sighting, or other similar sightings? Please share it below!

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