multiple UFO Sightings over 3 days, Saskatoon, Sk., Dec 2013

by Bruce
(Saskatoon, Sk., Canada)

Went out about 0615 to go to work and as I unplugged truck, noticed a bright light. This was 2nd of 3 in about 4 days, grabbed my video and ran 23 sec on camera, would have got more but had to leave for work. First noticed it about 50 degrees from horizon, and below and to the left of moon, by the time I got camera out it had gone up to about 70 degrees. I figured it was one of the things I had seen a day or two before, but that was about 7:30 pm. Tried to look for it as I left for work but unable to see it again. If I may, I would like to describe all 3 that I saw in this 3-4 day period. First time day or 2 before at about 7:30 pm as I went to store. Noticed a bright light to s-se about 45 degrees, it came down slowly, and at same time two projections came out, one to the right and one to the bottom as you look at it. Came down at about a 45 angle from right to left, hovered for a few seconds, then rose up again at 60-70 degree angle from right to left and disappeared in about 10-15 seconds. Next Morning or day after is when I caught the video. On the morning of 26th, came out looking and as I scanned sky, about 10 degrees to the right, in Orion, there were 2 or 3 quick flashes of light, a pause and then a couple of more, but other than the flashes, nothing seen or heard. Worked at airports and around aircraft for 15+ years, and know what a strobe and anticollision light look like.
If you go to Moose Jaw Google map and street view yourself at the corner of Highway 2 and Caribou Street going south, just past the intersection, there is one frame only of basically what I saw when I was the store. If you rotate it is not in any other frame.

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Feb 10, 2016
Lloyd 2016
by: Anonymous

I just seen a UFO two nights in a row . In lloydminster Sk they both were hovering. Looked like a rod but with two lights at each end my dad told me it was a star but as I got to looking at it better it disappears, about a minute later it's back, it doesn't just disappear tho it fades the lights are mimicking a star but you can obviously point out its not a star. Seen it looked to close nd bright to be a star tonight I seem the same thing Sept it disappeared and never came back I live on a farm outside Lloyd and my dogs have been getting overly excited the past two nights ex barking growling whimpering not usually how they act. Pls someone if this sounds like. UFO sighting please comment back

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