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Other Mysterious Findings

alien woman hidden in Alberta badlands

Sometimes there are other types of mysterious findings that don't really fit into the "normal" type of reports of UFO sightings, but that may just provide interesting clues on related phenomenon.

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This is especially true of historical artifacts or strange geological formations - think of stone henge for instance.

There are a lot of theories about the possibility of stone henges as extraterrestrial evidence.

In a country as vast as Canada, is it possible that we have overlooked the possibility of our own stone henge evidence?

What about other unexplained mysteries? Could there be links to UFO activity that we just haven't really collected for analysis?

This page offers a way of collecting these bits of disparate information. Maybe on their own, any individual item may not carry much weight. But, linked with other finding and events, maybe we can make some progress in understanding.

At the very least, it will provide some interesting reading...

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Have you across some other strange kind of item or event that you think may possibly be related to UFO or extraterrestrial activity? Share it here...

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November 1,2016 
I have a photos , not sure really what it is , where can I send the photos ?

Use Netflix for Unsealed:Alien Files season 1 episode17...go to frame at 16minutes 50seconds.. Screen shot ,zoom & crop, save to gallery then filter... …

Is this a giant image of an alien woman hidden in the Badlands of Alberta? 
Check out this extra-ordinary clear image of a face and upper body "monument" which is actually part of the Badlands in Alberta, east of Medicine Hat. …

Anthony Bourdain on his final adventure to Parts Unknown Not rated yet
I mean this post only as a tribute to the famous Anthony Bourdain who died recently, a brilliant journalist and chef. Like many of his fans I was greatly …

Nasa  Not rated yet
Hello, I just found out a human face in the latest video by NASA recorded during Mercury Transit this week. I highlighted this to show everyone that …

Strange events after I watched one of the best ufo video I have ever seen. Not rated yet
The night of March 25, 2016 just before I went to bed, I went to youtube. On one of the sites that I always check there was a new video. The video was …

Stone Circle, British Columbia Not rated yet
An extremely odd, large stone circle was discovered in British Columbia, Canada. The circle is roughly is roughly 50 metres (164 feet) wide, and …

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