Not Abduct-able but now compromised (unknown), Area of Kingston, Ontario, 06-03-2015

by Zen StarWalker
(Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

original UFO photo w added high contrast

original UFO photo w added high contrast

I am Zen StarWalker, Ufologist, musician, actor, writer, experienced many paranormal events and beings, but have not been abducted.. Until today. And now i'm led to believe the vents today have happened before & I shrugged it off as my High DMT levels interfering with time/space. After today however, it makes more sense. I have been aware of the truth since a very young age, growing up in a place in the middle of nowhere, ontario. I went to bed around 5am after watching a Richard DOlan documentary (ive seen enough times to guard myself against Archons(mantis greys), everything was fine, round 8am i woke up and used the washroom, went back to bed and heated my blanket with a floor heater before going back to sleep, everything was normal/in place. around 10am I woke up after having a dream i can not recall, checked my phone and it said 10:13 i think, too early so I went back to sleep, woke up again this time with a sore throat and a dizzy/disoriented feeling, checked my phone, same time again 10:13 but felt like i slept for a few hours, i was so out of it but managed to check my wall clock which said 3pm but I fell asleep right away which never happens. Woke up, dizzyness gone but sore throat still, phone said 10;23 this time, so i took batt out and reset it, and it went back to normal time 3:30 roughly. didnt think much of it cept the DMT thing again or maybe spirits were messing with me. hours go by, i go back downstairs and notice the dresser droors are all open (my gf dresser, shes away for a few days) so i ask her if she'd been home and tore here dresser apart, she didnt answer then i got this weird feeling, almost like a flash of my pulling something out of my throat and fighting things i couldnt see. after my gf responded and said no she hadn't been home and why would anyone direspectfully fling the droors open & it hit me, this has happened before minus the odd feelings and sore throat, the first time was july 16 2010 after encounter with several witnesses what i can only describe as the rake, or a tall grey walking on all 4s with no visual head or neck, solid white in the dark of a backwoods night. same night i woke up in same position i fell asleep in, then i remembered tall black skinned but grey looking beings with beautiful eye's and a hole in the center of their chest with a floating orb of sorts in it, they gave me something and took something bad out of me that was implanted when i was young, they described the orb as their soulforce and that i would help them overthrow the saurian agenda. at that time i had no clue what saurians were. I however do not count that as an abduction even though i remember seeing their craft hover over me after they placed my back on my friends floor. this and many other events have been reported and documented but never taken seriously & even MUFON would not say a word to me. Now, I am not stupid, nor am I a typical human, I sought knowledge and overstanding of the cosmos and dimensions and went very far down the rabbit hole, so far i became deemed a Warrior of the Stars, the Lotus Vajras reincarnation and fist of the children of the feather against the children of the serpent, I am a Shifu (master) of martial arts and almost unbreakable. I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH KNOWING SOMETHING I FIGHT AGAINST, EXPOSE AND KNOW HOW TO DEFEND AGAIN, COULD PULL THIS OFF. IDK WHAT TO DO EXCEPT VEDIC & BUDDHIST MANTAS, These are POWERFUL demons, not like any ive encountered before. I was able to break their illusions and fend myself but now, idk??? Im also owner of T.E.H.U.T.I. (terrestrial & Extraterrestrial Hunters, Ufologist, Tacticians & Investigations based in kingston but open to the world. and I am stumped. Ive added a UFO picture i took in broad daylight by accident same location i am now but 2014. i have several files more, videos (self), pics (self), witness statements, etc,

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