Not an actual abduction? more like visitations, Medicine Hat, AB and Saskatoon, SK, First started about 1990 or so

by bruce
(Saskatoon, Sk., Canada)

There are 3 persons in my family, myself, my wife and one son.
The only instance with my wife is she was napping and told me that a gray alien had supposedly passed through the closed patio doors, and that is all she remembers.
Myself, the one episode that stands out in my mind, and is still vivid after 25 years is this. Our son was about 2, my wife was laying in his bed with him. What I remember is I looked to the foot of the bed, saw an alien, and jumped out to confront him. I was zapped? with something that hit me in my naval area and that is all I remember. Next morning I woke up and had a sore stomach, like doing too many situps. I also had a sore, scablike wound in the area that I remember being hit in. To this day I don't know if I dreamed it or if it was real. The other interesting thing is I blew out my left knee and when to an emergency clinic where they took xrays. On the film, there is a triangular shape of something in my shin. I don't know if it is a flaw and I never asked the Dr., but wonder???
Now to our son. He was a normal healthy person for the first 14 years or so. Sometime in his grade 11 or twelve years, he became sick with whooping cough. But around the same time he started to have such stomach pains that he was completely doubled over, and for at least a year slept in a ball. He was supposedly tested to be a celiac, and went on a gluten free diet which may have helped some.
When he was about 20 he went to Connecticut to meet up with a girl he met online. Before he got there his leg/foot became swollen and ended up in the hospital at Yale while he was there for this, and other things, one being it looked like he had been hit in the face with a baseball bat and it was swollen and black and blue. They did all kinds of tests, blood, ct scan, mri, spinal tap,etc., and to this they have not been able to diagnose what it is. Also while there, they said he was NOT a celiac.
One day while on the internet I came across a list of things that say you might have been abducted and some just seem to fit well with him. Nosebleeds was one, and he has nosebleeds all the time, but what is strange to me is that he can fit an entire finger up his nose past the second knuckle. The article said that if there is an implant in the nose sometimes it is put in so deeply it breaks the cartilage way in the back. Did this happen? I don't know.
Within the past month he told me two things that are strange to me and him.
First he told me that before he got the stomach pains he had discovered something in his bellybutton that he did not know what it was. He said he picked at it for quite a few days and then one day got a pair of tweezers and was able to pull it out. He told me it looked kind of like a sliver of some kind, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long and the part inside his body was black and the part outside was white. Right after he pulled it out is when his problems started.
Second, he told me he had like a growth under the skin on his left shoulder that felt like a ball. He said he had it for as long as he could remember. One day I guess it was rubbing it or felt a pain there, I can't remember exactly, and said there was a bit of pus coming out so he was trying to squeeze it like a pimple. The weird part is it was like a filament, and he said he grabbed it like a string and kept pressure on it and was able to pull it through the skin surface. I guess it left a crater where it was. He kept it in a jar or something because he had no idea what is was but that it disappeared.
There is no physical evidence that any of this happened, but everything all put together makes it strange in my mind. I am just not sure.

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Feb 25, 2016
Normal Visitation
by: Alexis

I myself have found no evidence, as of yet, that I have had a implant and its hard to tell with so many skin pimples, blemishes, and other marks already covering my body. Its unfortunant that the pieces are missing. I have no doubt that the Abductors got them back. Their entire premise is like a Black Op. Always have to have deniability. I'm sorry you got zapped. That must have hurt like a mule kick. The hard part with figuring these abductors out is that they know almost everything about us while we know barely anything of them. My best advice is to tell your son the honest truth. I would sit him down with your wife and just tell him the truth that both of you have seen these things and the fact that he took out implants is likely what made him extremely sick. For the future, don't take them out. Get to a hospital and get it X rayed and such before you make a move. These guys know our anatomy extremely well. If they place it in the wrong place, you can seriously injure or kill yourself. Why do they pick certain people? no idea, my best advice is go and try to figure out what, if anything, might set you apart from the normal world.
Best of luck

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