Other weird clouds over Quebec Canada

Last night about 8:30pm approx. was glancing at the sky now and then because we had some really huge deep black clouds forming over Quebec and the river plus they first were morphing into pretty purple ones as well - quite the sight. The regular lone thin black lines were here and there but nothing unusual about them and then I noticed another type of cloud.

These new clouds that were forming were below all the heavy clouds and were kind of lined up in a horizontal formation but fairly far apart. They, at a distance, looked like a lighter grey color and that sort of saucer shaped but longer but when I held my binoculars up to them they were different than a saucer, much different. They looked like aircraft with wings and the nose of it was pointed and slightly turned down at the tip. They were tilted up a little. If you had a picture of what I saw in the binoculars you would swear it was some kind of a sleek jet or fighter. They stayed quite some time then gradually just faded into the sky. No sound. I didn't see any other planes or jets in the area at the time. There was a sunset that night, they all seem to love their sunsets. lol.

Another sighting, no answers. What else is new? Sigh

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