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Possible UFO, Between Belleville & Trenton, September 18th, 2016

by Ashley Hickson
(Toronto, Ontario )

I was driving from Ottawa to Toronto by myself around 10:30pm in between Trenton and Belleville on the 401 and I spotted something in the distance that, at first, looked like a plane.

It was coming closer fast and seemed to be flying very low to the ground (for a plane I thought ). So I grabbed my phone right away and began to film.

There were three consistent white dots in the shape of a triangle and two red dots flashing in between the white ones every 2-3 seconds.
As the dots got closer I became more and more sure this was not just a normal plane.

As it flew over my car I lost my ability to continue filming as I was so stunned with what I was seeing.

The video does not nearly show what I was seeing as well as I could see it with my own eyes.

I saw the bottom of the ship which didn't appear smooth and shiny as a normal plane would look. It seemed intricate with many indents and grooves.

I obviously can not be sure that this was a UFO but it was pretty clear that it was not a plane as it quickly came closer.

Keep in mind that I travel between Toronto and Ottawa very often and especially living in Toronto, I see 3-5 planes every single night. This looked nothing like any plane I've ever seen!

If there's any way to let me know what you think please do!


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Jul 27, 2017
the truth is out there
by: Pensarmy

for all the people saying its a plane, don't all planes have to have a strobe light????

Mar 03, 2017
Possible canadian c-17
by: c-17 aircraft mechanic

High there, The c-17 globemaster cargo jet is based in trenton ontario, i believe what your seeing is two red anti-colission lights that blink at steady intervals one on the belly and one on the top of it's T-tail, as well as wingtip landing lights and the landing/taxi light on the forward fuselage. although i am surprised that you can't see its nav lights. google the plane and it might give you some insight into what you saw.

Dec 10, 2016
3 dots
by: Anonymous

I have also seen the 3 dots and flashing lights maybe over 7-8 years ago. It I never told anyone

Nov 23, 2016
by: Blake

Hi there, is the video posted online anywhere?

Nov 20, 2016
by: James H. Baker

I'd really love to see your video.

Nov 19, 2016

by: Webmaster

Wow! Your images are amazing!

At the time, did you hear anything unusual as well?

Thanks for adding this.

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