possible UFO lights, Mississauga, 12 Nov 2015

by Jim

Saw 2 bright lights in the sky, too low and too bright to be stars, high for street lights. if it was plane it was standing still. Two lights standing still for about 40 seconds. third light appears below the first two and stands still in a angled line.
All three standing still for about 30 seconds. One nearest to the ground moves away horizontally. I see blinking lights at the rear. Must be the planes that can stand still. It leaves my light of sight. Second nearest to the ground starts moving upwards slowing.
The last light above starts to climb very fast. not like a plane closer to a space shuttle (trajectory angle). The light nearest to ground slowly moves away in and out of the clouds and disappears. The remaining light keeps climbing and disappears. The first time i saw the lights i thought they were reflections because they where still for the longest time.
I opened my window and looking through the screen. I saw that they were in the sky for certain.
It was early morning the sky was clear. my house overlooks everybody elses (like a house on the hill) so there was no obstruction.
Trying to figure out what i saw. Not airplanes that's for sure.

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