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Possible UFO sighting West Toronto, June 11, 2017

by Trent Spiwak
(Bloor West Village, Toronto, On, Canada)

My rather crude representation of the dot's flight path.

My rather crude representation of the dot's flight path.

I live in Bloor West Village, in Toronto. This happened on June 11, 2017, between 9:45 and 10:15, I'm not quite sure when.

I was standing on my upper deck looking West-Southwest, looking at all the stars that were out.

I noticed a small red dot, very faint, moving quickly thought the sky. Shape wise, it almost looked like the red dot UFO from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, but still rather different in other respects.

Size wise, it appeared no larger than the small stars visible in the sky, and it had a very muted colour scheme. It was almost blood red, but was not very bright.

It was so muted that at first, I thought it was a shooting star, due to its speed, but I ruled that out due to it's red colour, and the fact that it lasted a very long time, relative to most shooting stars I've seen.

I also ruled out an airplane, due to it's high speed. The object first appeared at the (1) on the photo, moving at a downwards angle, much like a shooting star.

At (2), it leveled out and moved rapidly across the sky, seeming to wobble up and down, as if it was being buffeted by wind, or was having trouble staying level.

Its speed at this time was very fast, far faster than any of the airplanes I saw previously that night.

At (3), the dot visibly slowed, curving downwards, before moving away rapidly at (4), moving in a roughly South-Southwest direction, where it was lost behind the large tree on the right.

Time wise, it's hard for me to say, as I was focusing on the dot, but it most likely took between 30 seconds to a minute for the sighting to occur.

Weather wise, it was warm, the first very warm day of the year in fact. There were no clouds, and little to no wind.

One more interesting thing I noticed was that, although my house is under a flight path, and the dot did come down where planes were flying over, no planes flew over at that time.

The attached photo is one I took the morning after from the same location. I tried to show the path of the dot, but as this drawing is very crude, it may not be helpful. I hope it is of some use to you.

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