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repeat colourful UFO sightings in Edmonton - Video 12 Feb 2012, 9:30 PM,
looking south east

enhanced Edmonton UFO image, 12 Feb 2012

enhanced Edmonton UFO image, 12 Feb 2012

enhanced Edmonton UFO image, 12 Feb 2012 Compare: Light enhanced zoom image of regular star, Edmonton, 14 Feb 2012 Compare: Zoom image of planet, observed Edmonton, Alberta, 14 Feb 3012

This video of a possible UFO was taken in Edmonton, Alberta in February, but the poster (PeregrinusHumilus) says that it has been appearing for a while.

continued below map....

In the first single image you see, I have taken a still shot from the video, zoomed it 200%, and used the "fill light" function in Picasa to better see the colours of the UFO itself. Adding extra light also allows you to clearly see the red and blue lights that are described on many UFO sightings. Like many other reports, a red light appears at the top and blue at the bottom.

Here are some helpful snippets from the comments:

From the original poster: "...this a stationary object that goes across the sky each night and flashes various colors..."

A helpful commenter, also from south Edmonton, claims to have been seeing multiple UFOs like this since November 2011.

Not surprisingly, there are people questioning why many others have not made note of it. Great response from PeregrinusHumilus:

"This object flashes color so brightly it is easily distinguishable with the naked eye, yet because most are so preoccupied with their daily grind, they fail to notice the obvious."

Video: Edmonton UFO sighting, 12 Feb 2012, 9:30 pm

What's also interesting are the comments from others who claim to have also seen the same thing. As at writing, visitors had noted similar UFO sightings in: Medicine Hat, Alberta; Calgary, Alberta; Lavaltrie, Quebec; Montreal, Quebec. Two posters also said that something similar was captured on video from Tijuana, Mexico.

In my opinion, this is a true sighting, and the original poster is trying to make sense of it. He is quite open and
detailed about the type of equipment used, and where it was visible in the sky - even with the naked eye. And, he has been open to answering questions from commenters.

What really cements the authenticity of the video though is a second video, posted two days later. In this, he goes to great lengths to show his equipment and method.

More importantly however, is that he shows you his specific vantage point, and the difference in video capture of a regular star, a planet and this colourful UFO. It is a great video to watch, especially if you are new to UFO sightings.

At 11 minutes though, you may find the video a bit long. You can skip to the good parts (starting at a sample "regular" star) at about 4:15.

For the sake of comparison, I've also extracted images from the 2nd video.

The 2nd image posted above is a "regular" star observed in Edmonton, Alberta, two days later. Again, I zoomed the image, then used the "fill light" feature in Picasa, to better capture the starlight.

As you can clearly see - no colours. And, as confirmed by PeregrinusHumilus, that is standard for star views.

Lastly, I also included an image of a planet, also from his 2nd video on 14 Feb 2012. Again, the image was zoomed 200%, but no additional lighting effect was required, as it is so bright.

As you can also see in the video below, the planet has a solid bluish glow, but no "twinkling" effect. Also, the image is a solid circle, versus the star and UFO image that seem to indicate variations in shape and depth.

Watch both videos, and decide for yourself.

All comments welcome below.

2nd video of colourful UFO in Edmonton - 14 Feb 2012

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