Reversing cloud in blue sky, over Quebec near rivers September 16, 2017

(Ottawa Canada)

Was out on my balcony about 1pm today under a clear blue sky which was cloudless. All of a sudden a fluffy white cloud started to move from the extreme north west to within my line of sight. This will sound odd but it didn't move like a normal cloud, it looked like it was being driven. You know how clouds on calm days, like this one was, sort of float or drift? Well this one moved with purpose and like a car moves. Of course I didn't take a video because who knew what would happen next. The cloud stopped near some rapids and hung there for about 5 minutes and then to my total shock the cloud starts moving again but REVERSED, TRAVELLING BACK WEST..,same speed as it came. After it moved out of sight the sky filled with more smaller clouds but they cleared quickly.

This area I have reported on before and always it's over Quebec near the river. There are rapids there and I wonder if UFOs, theirs or ours, are fuelling up over telluric current energy from the rapids. I have some pictures but it's the videos I can't get posted on this site. I don't want to put them on youtube. I saw a hole punch too like the one on this site and other strange things were going on in the sky at the same time.

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