Sighting, paralysis missing time, witness , Alberta - 2015 July 15 drayton valley

by CP
(Drayton valley Alberta Canada )

I was driving a friend home on the evening of July 15 2015 in back country Alberta just off a range road not far from the town of drayton valley (population 12000)

I have never seen or experienced anything to do with Ufos or aliens Until this night.
I'm a male 35 years old well employed and sane. My friend witness was male 24 years old and also sane (to my knowledge)

We are driving around 11pm that night weather was mildly rough, dark and windy, no rain.
The road we were traveling is a range road very little traffic maybe 2-4 vehicles a night all night down this road it should have been about a 20 min drive time to his house

The road is gravel no pavement. Lots of cattle fields, oil fields and muddy terrain, fair amount of trees, but pretty flat ground overall. no mountain ranges, one major river about 3 miles from us

As we were driving we noticed a bright red sign up ahead in the road. We know this road well and a stop sign here seems out of place. we took turns guessing what it may be within a min or so of continuing towards the red sign it turns out it was not a sign but the centrepiece of a tall dark colour creature.

It stood tall, maybe 7ft, slightly hunched over, very thin long arms like 2 spider legs. no hands, no fingers could be seen. its head was shaped like an insect with yellow glow to the long eyes. the chest seemed to be covered in a bright glowing red crest emblem.

Two legs which I really can't remember. this creature was flanked on both sides by half a dozen smaller creatures that looked like dwarfs, 3-4 feet tall, humanoid, wearing or skin that was all grey like a body suit. 2 arms 2 legs.

no I don't recall a neck on them or facial features but I do remember almost pointy or rounded heads.

in the middle of this scene is a floating metallic table or disc maybe about 5 feet of the ground and on top of this table is what appears to be a woman in a white dress, curled up with long blonde hair, almost golden hair. can't see much else of her.

We have come to a complete stop maybe 50 feet away from this group. I'm in total shock. I recall thoughts of this being a satanic cult and a sacrifice for some reason. those thoughts really stick out for me and I knew we had to leave right away.

I put the Ford Explorer in reverse, drove back about 100 feet to the last side road we passed. my passenger was screaming get out of here, hurry.

I hit the brakes and started to turn right down the side road but right in front of us I see them all coming towards my vehicle. the road and bushes on the sides were getting very blurry like everything outside the car was a blur moving very quickly.

I couldn't drive - just at a complete stop. I can remember saying grab my phone get a picture, get a video quick. I even looked down at my phone but could not reach it.

I don't remember my passenger saying anything at this point. But I remember seeing in flashes the Gray smaller creatures coming closer, almost vanishing and re-appearing in leaps of 20 feet towards us, not directly in front of us but along the sides of the road.

I don't remember seeing the larger black red chested creature or the table and lady anymore.

Last thing I remember is looking down outside my driver's side window and seeing the grey creatures right outside my door and one reaching a hand toward me.

Now I'm driving out of the range road heading back to my house with my friend beside me. I said to him what the hell did we just see? what was that red light?

he said he didn't remember any light and I was going the wrong way I ended up driving him back to town and he stayed at another friends house instead.

I started driving home to my wife and 2 children, pulled over about 5 mins from my house which was only 15 mins from where this all happened. I started to remember a lot of lights like industrial lights with numerous squares shining on me.

I knew something was wrong when my wife gave me shit for being gone 2.5 hours for what was in my mind a 40 min round trip.

I was really tired went to bed slept for 15 hours then woke up with this memory I started drawing out the creatures and the lights and a long winding metal ramp.

I'm no artist but these were the best pics I have ever done I started to feel panicky sweaty hot and cold scared. I drove back the next day with my wife but could not find exactly where I remember this happening.

I called my friend and asked what he remembered. he only remembered a red light. I just left it like that for another day.

2 days passed since and right in our local newspaper is a story of a cow being shot and mutilated, cut open from neck and stomach, at a local farm 15 mins from my house, in the same general area I sighted this.

'Maybe it was a cow and not a woman on that table', was my thought. I do have the attached cattle story here tans it ran in the Drayton Valley Western Review newspaper July 16th to July 21st to be safe.

After reading the cow story, my family (who are the only people I told) really believed me.

I called my friend, the witness with me that night, and I told him what I just wrote here - all I remembered. He went dead silent on the phone for a short time, then said 'okay your dreaming me out'.

I do remember other things. he also said he didn't want to ever talk about this again.

I know he told no one about this because in a small town everyone would have known right away.

So that's my story and it's as real as I remember it.
No we had any medical issues to debunk this since or before

Do I just leave it, or do I try memory hypnosis.

What should I do it bothers me to this day

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Oct 12, 2018
Response from original post author
by: Anonymous cp

Doug send me your email and I will forward you the sketches

Stara I would be interested in talking more
I will email you.

Cheers and thank you for the support

Oct 12, 2018
Compare sketches
by: Doug

I need to see the images of the small ones, compare them to my sketches.

Oct 03, 2018
regression - free
by: Stara

I read your blog and believe you. I do regressions for people and hear crazier things then that. I can do regressions by phone or skype. I live in Victoria now, but used to live in Edmonton.

Free regression. My facebook group is Sisters of Supernatural contact me there or email

May 07, 2017
Interesting Account

I am the Executive Director for AUFORG (Alberta UFO Research Group) and would be very interested in interviewing you. If you wish, I can be contacted through my website at or by e-mail at

Apr 02, 2017
same thing
by: Anonymous

I have a story that is a little different but the same. I lost 5 hours of time with my girlfriend. She denies it ever happened. Let me know if you see a hypnotheripist and what you find out. I might try the same thing..

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