Sound of Tarp flapping with jet, Sunday, Nov 27 2016, 4:45

by Lisa
(Leduc, Alberta, Canada)

My husband and I were out walking our dogs in a small forest full of trails and just heading back to the parking lot (we were the only ones there) when all of a sudden a huge wind picked up and sounded like a giant invisible tarp flapping above us with a hovering jet sound.

We are in the airline path to the international airport (which is still quite away) but there was no planes passing or had passed in half an hour or so.

I was looking at the trees above and my husband said he was looking right at where it should have been and watched/heard the "wind" take off in the opposite direction.

I have been out there multiple times and never heard that before. As we turned to continue heading back a cop shows up. Again, never seen a cop out there. He watched as we loaded the dogs then got out as we were pulling out and was just walking around his car kicking his tires.

Coincidence? I'm trying to search for a plausible explanation and can't find anything about this tarp flapping sound.

It was so loud then just took off.

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