startling UFO video footage
Mission, British Columbia
28 Mar 2012

Enhanced UFO Image @ 45 sec, 27 Mar 2012, Mission, BC

Enhanced UFO Image @ 45 sec, 27 Mar 2012, Mission, BC

Startling UFO video footage was taken on March 27th,

around 7:40 pm in Mission, BC.

continued below map....

In the description the witness writes:
...a ufo hovered over the tree tops in a quiet neighborhood in mission bc the object went from one color to the next. it was a silent craft and it hovered silently over the houses then shot away in the blink of a eye this is real footage and in no way a light trick or special effx...

Even though the UFO video footage is taken through a window, and often shaky, you can clearly see that this craft is hovering for about 6 minutes before it disappears.

There were several things I found startling in this amazing UFO video.

  • The size of the craft. You can clearly see that it is quite large in relation to the homes and trees it hovers over. And at times when the light pattern changes, you can see that the craft is much bigger than the lights indicate.

  • The low altitude of the craft. The UFO appears to hover very close to the tree line. What was it looking at?

  • Time of day. At 7:40 pm, it was fairly bright outside still - this craft either did not care about being seen, or was more concerned about whatever to worry about risk of discovery. Near the end of the video you can see it momentarily "disappear", then re-appear. If it had the ability to cloak itself, why didn't it do it all along?

  • Colorful light patterns. The light show this UFO puts on is incredible. What do the lights mean? If the craft was primarily interested in surveillance, logic would say that it would only need one light, and remain cloaked as much as possible. Yet this UFO did the opposite. Was it using the light patterns to communicate information? To what?

I wonder too is the UFO knew it was being watched or filmed, and was flashing lights on purpose, in the attempt to communicate something to the viewer.

Interesting too are some of the comments:

"I beleive you, I saw the same one in edmonton ab 1 month ago, never got a picture though. Keep on watching..."
Posted 16 Apr 2012

"Good job to the boy who caught
this UFO, it's not a reflection. There are others who saw it."

Posted 13 Apr 2012

"My family and i live across the river from Mission and we saw the same thing over mission about 4 months ago and it freakd us out..."
Posted 12 Apr 2012

"another remarkable thing i just found watching this video over that i wanna point out it happens between 5:50 - 6:03 look at the bottom right hand corner of the screen at about 5:53 he zooms out for a moment and you can see a tree beside the house its dark but at 5:55 as the craft is changing colour you see the top of the tree in the far right almost mid screen red light shining down on it and the top of the tree lights up red for a second"
Posted 11 Apr 2012

Continued after video....

UFO video footage - Mission, BC - 27 Mar 2012:

Also interesting is that the same witness also captured UFO video footage on two other occasions.

Of those, the first, taken on Oct 24th, 2011 is interesting as he was able to zoom in on a UFO triangle that was hovering in the sky. (see 3rd image above, and video below)

In the enhanced UFO image above, you can also see the outline of colours on two of the three lights.

Continued after video...

UFO video from Mission, BC - October 23rd, 2011


In this description, the witness states:
this is new footage of a ufo flying over maple ridge...

He seems to have been surprised to have found it, as it only appears at about 52 sec in the original video, and only lasts till about 2:30.

This obviously sparked an interest in UFOs, so he caught another distant image on video in daytime on Dec 20th, 2011 too:

Continued after video...

Another UFO Video from Mission, BC - Dec 20th, 2011

In the December description, he writes:
This is not a hoax my mom saw it she dose not no what it is it's a bright light that moves across the sky ...I did go outside but you could not see it from the ground because of the trees

While some people are quick to say this is a UFO hoax, I don't think so, given the history of UFO videos, visitor comments and also the videos themselves.

UFO Video Source: YouTuber rosebud2emlo108

Comments for startling UFO video footage
Mission, British Columbia
28 Mar 2012

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Aug 23, 2019
Ufo sightings NEW
by: Sylvia

I been seeing those lights but different times and at night.
I'm in Saskatchewan. I've had a dream or like a dream an in it I see only white lights an nothing else. Is this a dream?
I do believe in this.

Aug 18, 2019
ufos in canada
by: Anonymous

i just subscribe to your site, taped into a video on mission b.c. ufo sitting and video not found. what the hell. trying to get away from google

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