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Stone Circle, British Columbia

Mysterious Findings visible in Google Earth

Mysterious Findings visible in Google Earth

Mysterious Findings visible in Google Earth Aerial photo of Stone Circle taken by researchers: Michael Czajkowski and Andrew Okulitch

An extremely odd, large stone circle was discovered in British Columbia, Canada.

The circle is roughly is roughly 50 metres (164 feet) wide, and the ring itself is about 4 metres (13 feet) wide. In other words, huge.

The other extremely odd feature is the colour of the rocks that make up the ring. As you can see in images above, the white rocks of the ring are in extreme contrast to the surrounding area. What could cause that?

The photo above gives you a good idea of what was seen, as it is the view from Google Earth. You can see the circle yourself here:

Mysterious Findings: Stone Circle, British Columbia - Latitude: 52.070419, Longitude: -125.564525

continued below map....

The discovery was made by Chris Czajkowski, who runs the nearby Nuk Teslli wilderness experience lodge, located in the nearby valley of the Chilcotin Range.

Chris Czajkowski asked her brother, Michael Czajkowski (part of The Open University in the U.K.) and Andrew Okulitch (Geological Survey of Canada) to investigate further. Their research results were published by Natural Resources Canada, in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (Dec 2011 - NRC Research Press).

The two researchers came to the conclusion that the stone circle was not created from human activity.

The report conclusion was that the circle was created by glacial activity. As I understand the report, they are basically saying that a large slab of rock covered a retreating glacier, resulting in an "ice cone" that formed beneath the rock. Rock debris fell from the sides of this ice cone as it melted, leaving a ring around the ice cone. Eventually the large slab slid off, allowing the rest of the ice cone to melt quickly, and thereby leaving the middle of the ring free of rock debris.

But when you read the report, you see that the scientists had several reservations about this conclusion, referring it frequently to hypothesis, and bringing up a number of conflicting details.

Here are a few:

  • From the report:
    "Our hypothesis, developed independently (before we were directed to the literature by our reviewers), is constrained by
    the unique occurrence of the circle, its solation, shape, size, and nature of its clasts."

    • (clasts are rock fragments derived from the breakdown of larger rocks)

  • Logic would tell you that there would be evidence of a
    huge slab of rock that created the ice cone. Yet, they were unable to find evidence of a large enough slab of rock within a two kilometre range of the rock circle

  • Why aren't there rocks in the circle? It seems improbable that an ice cone that was big enough to created a 4 metre-wide circle, could also have melted quickly enough to not gather additional rock debris as it was melting.

  • From what I gather, the original stone slab would have had to be huge, and roughly circular in shape. How likely is that?

  • Why are the rocks in the circle a very different colour from all the surrounding area? You would think that glacial debris would have left a trail of this light-coloured rock in the vicinity.

  • From what I understand of the research presented, when this type of ice-cone debris is created, it typically leaves a number of much smaller circles. Yet there are no other similar circles in the area.

  • Could the rocks have been placed there by humans? Here is what researcher Andrew Okulitch said in February 2012, in response to comments on a related article in Earth Sky:
    • "I presume that you are seeking any evidence for human influence so I would remind you that making such a circle or anything else would require considerable infrastructure such as a large population from which hundreds of workers could be drawn, provision of food and shelter, construction of roads, rollers and ropes, all in an area with relatively few resources for any of these things."

Also, very interestingly, Andrew Okulitch wrote that the original discoverer of the stone circle,
"(Chris Czajkowski) remains skeptical about our hypothesis of its formation, but does not think it likely that it was of human origin."


So we are left with the mysterious finding of a huge stone circle in a very remote area, high in the mountains of British Columbia, not made by humans.

Could the different coloured rocks in the circular pattern actually be UFO evidence?

If you watch the show Ancient Aliens, you'll know that there is a lot of UFO research that implies that the many stone henges found in Europe may be connected to UFO activity.

Could this be a type of Canadian stone henge?

Or perhaps, evidence of a UFO landing? Could the different coloured rocks be caused by interaction with alien spacecraft?

Read this report about UFO sightings in another BC mountain area

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