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Strange beams of light in Lake Galeary and Toronto, Ontario

Beams of light from sky from different angles

Beams of light from sky from different angles

Beams of light from sky from different angles Purple rain - light beams from the sky Un-touched still image of purple light beam and surface reflection Huge light column and blue light cloud in Toronto

Reading some of the reports of the strange beams of light encouraged me to do some more research on Youtube, and I found a great video put together by Youtuber anabarker.

She managed to get some great video of strange lights from the sky and even UFOs in Toronto and Lake Galeary in Ontario, as well as in Rep├║blica de San Marino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There were two especially great things about this video.

First, the quality and quantity of light beams - some of which seem to be raining down from the sky.

Studying the video raised a few mysteries:

  • You can clearly see that they are coming in from more than one direction and are different widths. What would cause that?

  • While most of the lights are white, some are clearly purple! Not a natural colour of sunlight.

  • Not all the light beams are "full" beams. Some appear to be either small items caught in motion, like light raining from the sky.

  • The water seems to sparkle when the light beam reaches it, but it has a different quality to it. The un-enhanced photo of a thick purple light beam shows this most clearly.

The videographer raised a really good question...

Are the "sparkles" of light that we often see on the water surface actually the result of invisible beams of light energy hitting the water?

It's not a question I've ever seen raised before.

I have always assumed that it just happened to be the way that the sunlight was hitting the water. And maybe some, or most are exactly that.

But, based on this video that clearly shows little arrows of light hitting the water, it could well be that there is another explanation as well.

The dates of the sightings - August 2011 - match a spate of UFO sightings in Toronto, which is another interesting coincidence.

Unfortunately, I don't know where Lake Galeary is in Ontario, as it doesn't appear on the standard maps.

I'm curious to know how close it is to Toronto though - especially since her images are close to the UFO sightings in Toronto that were noted. And the number of great images from this trip are wonderful.

Anabarker doesn't say whether she was able to see the light beams with the naked eye, or whether they just showed up on the completed video and stills.

I've captured some stills above to point out some of the items I've referred to, but I really do recommend that you watch the whole video for a great collection of evidence about light beams from the sky. You can match the time on the video with the still images to see the original image as recorded.

All but one of the stills above was enhanced to better show the contrast with the light and surroundings, using the HDRish filter in Picasa.

The image that is NOT enhanced clearly shows a wide, bright purple light beam, and also a significant reflection on the lake surface.

The reflection is so bright that it indicates a very powerful and focused light source - my guess is a UFO.

Your comments?

Possible UFO Video - strange light beams from the sky

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