Strange Cloud - March 2, 2013 Merced, CA

Woke up in the morning, opened the balcony blinds and saw this cloud formation in the sky. It was huge...

Did some reading online but could not find the answers. Not sure is this UFO, man made experiment...or just simply nature at play...


Editor's Note:

What magnificent photos! If these are caused by UFOs, then they must be massive in size.

As you've may have noticed, this strange cloud formation is almost identical to this smaller formation found in Toronto.

I've also seen a couple of other reports this month too, elsewhere in the world.

Wonder if something is going on....

Thanks for reporting this!

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Jan 28, 2015
strange clouds in Welland
by: Anonymous

Just saw this comment! Can you describe the strange clouds you saw in Welland, Ontario? Have you ever seen it again?

Jul 18, 2014
Strange clouds
by: Jeade

On June 7th in Welland, a few of us saw strange formations in the sky which we had never seen before

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