Strange cloud sighting in fort severn Ontario. Sept 3 or 9,2015

by Paul poojitlikker
(Fort severn not. Canada)

Oops. About 3 weeks from sept 26 2015. My phone was dead at the time so no picsSighting in fort severn Ontario. There was 3 layers of cloud because you could see more clouds above the donut shaped cloud. That day we were getting an east wind bringing in low Gray clouds from the bay. What found strange was that the lower clouds were getting sucked up into the center of the cloud which was perhaps 2km wide. This circular cloud was getting pushed northward by a dark storm Independence Day style without the ship ha ha. I haven't anything like this in my 40 years of memory or anyone else I asked. Thought I'd share this. The cloud was white not dark if that makes a difference. Storm was coming in with a SW wind while the other low clouds were easterly

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