Strange Clouds in Toronto
(Feb 2012) Made by UFO?

(Toronto, Ontario)

Strange Clouds near Downsview Airport, mid afternoon

Strange Clouds near Downsview Airport, mid afternoon

Strange Clouds near Downsview Airport, mid afternoon Did a UFO cause this strange cloud formation?

These photos were taken on February 7th 2012, at about 2:40 pm, in an area very close to Downsview Airport in Toronto. Witnessed by myself and my son. I also pointed it out to my neighbour.

continued below map....

When we first saw the "hole" in the clouds, it was a perfect circle, but I did not have my phone or camera at the time. After a few minutes, I took this photo with my phone camera, and you can see that it has started to lose its shape a bit. Five minutes later it was gone, and the sky was filled with odd looking clouds with a wavy pattern. Half an hour later, the skies were clear.

I was shocked when I saw this in the clouds right here in Toronto, as I has only ever since this strange cloud formation in reference to the appearance of the UFO.

If it was due to a UFO, then that is a bit un-nerving, since this "hole" in the clouds was huge. It would have been a very large craft to have created such a big impact in the clouds.

I have read that the pattern can be caused by the propulsion system of a UFO that is affecting the clouds below it.

I've also read that it could be caused by a UFO "punching" its way through our clouds, and leaving this evidence behind.

Of the two explanations, I think that the evidence caused by a UFO propulsion system makes the most sense.

If I discount the possibility of a UFO completely, then I have no other possible explanation for this strange cloud formation.

And, I am also a bit nervous to see it so close to home!

I would love to know what others think, and if they also saw these strange clouds.

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