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Strange Cloud Effect

UFO researchers say that some of the strange clouds you see may actually be evidence of UFO activity.

One example that is hard to explain otherwise is that of a giant circle of clear sky in the middle of a clouded area - often with a very strange cloud formation in the middle of the circle.

Could the cloud clearing have been caused by a UFO?

If not, what other possible explanations are there?

These cloud formations may also be evidence of UFO activity (or HAARP say others).

The idea is that a UFO can create or manipulate clouds to create a cloak to hide behind, or in.

When you see some photos of odd cloud formations, it certainly does look like a possibility.

If you have seen weird clouds, or a weird cloud formation in Canada that you can't explain, submit it here.

If you have photos, even better! You can upload up to four below.

If you have video that has been uploaded to Youtube, provide the link below, and we will insert it for you with your description.

Be as detailed as you can in your description.

Report Strange Cloud Formations in Canada

Did you see strange clouds formations or possible UFO clouds in Canada? Share your discovery!

Reports of Strange Clouds

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Strange Cloud - March 2, 2013 Merced, CA 
Woke up in the morning, opened the balcony blinds and saw this cloud formation in the sky. It was huge... Did some reading online but could not find …

Strange cloud beside moon,2017,sask,canada Not rated yet
It was a summer night in northern sask canada,i was having a smoke on my front porch,i looked at the moon and beside it was a cloud that looked kinda rippled. …

Strange formation clouds morphing into 3 figures? Over Quebec April, 2018 Not rated yet
Noticed a strange bright strip of cloud at sunset that formed two darker box like forms inside then morphed into what looked like 3 bodies sitting in a …

Out of place sort of partial Contrail Fairview PE, C0A1H2 Canada part 2 of 2 Not rated yet
The next 4 shots as the wispy clouds change color spanning another 1 or 2 minutes.

Out of place sort of partial Contrail Fairview PE, C0A1H2 Canada Not rated yet
I was taking a picture of a nicely colored sunset 6:15PM April 10, 2017. The sun had just set and light was hitting the bottoms of some wispy clouds in …

unidentified Spiral cloud over Moncton on December 30, 2017 Not rated yet
This was in the local newspaper. i sniped it to just the image of the cloud and put it through google images. Nothing came up as being similar. Here is …

3 strange cloud formations in 2017, abnormal amount of rainbows since 2016, one alien vision in 2015 Not rated yet
05.08.2017: A heart shaped hole in the clouds later the same month 2017: A question mark shaped hole in the clouds the former two might be completely …

October 22, 2017... blown up photo of saucer with done on top over Quebec Not rated yet
I don't know if my post of this blown up version of one I already sent went through. Anyway this saucer went from the cloud it came out if to the one above …

Saucer like silver cloud with dark saucer like second image rising under it, below that triangle shape. October 22,2017 over Quebec near river Not rated yet
About 5 pm yesterday watched the clouds as this saucer like grey cloud/portal or ship formed in front of me and under it over a few minutes a dark oval …

Huge cloud formation shaped like a helicopter .Approx 2014, Fall, over Ottawa River, near 5 pm Not rated yet
I could kick myself for not having a camera for this. It was like an artist formed a near perfect helicopter out of clouds, complete with propellers on …

Perpendicular cloud in rectangle shape,Over Quebec near river. Approx. July 2016 Not rated yet
I hope I didn't post this before but regardless now I drew a drawing of what I saw. It was a long rainbow, all the colors but not in an arc. I saw this …

Bright hyper orbs moving near odd dark projectioner shaped object, odd arrow to right and dog like white face in clouds far right Not rated yet
I hope the photo comes out of this. It was over Quebec, as are all of my sightings are from Ottawa. It was a cloudy evening i early July of 2017. I noticed …

Reversing cloud in blue sky, over Quebec near rivers September 16, 2017 Not rated yet
Was out on my balcony about 1pm today under a clear blue sky which was cloudless. All of a sudden a fluffy white cloud started to move from the extreme …

Reversing cloud in blue sky, over Quebec near rivers September 16, 2017 Not rated yet
Was out on my balcony about 1pm today under a clear blue sky which was cloudless. All of a sudden a fluffy white cloud started to move from the extreme …

Mý strange sky over Quebec 16 May 2017 Not rated yet
I took a 2 minute video of multiple strange objects and clouds in the sky last night. I can't seem to download it on this site. There was a dark shape …

Greyish saucer shaped UFO spotted in clouds in Canada at Sunset Not rated yet
I have been spotting UFOs over this region for several years now and many sightings have been in clouds so I have gotten to know different clouds and formations …

Other weird clouds over Quebec Canada Not rated yet
Last night about 8:30pm approx. was glancing at the sky now and then because we had some really huge deep black clouds forming over Quebec and the river …

Weird clouds a regular thing in area over Quebec near Ottawa River Not rated yet
I just found this page darn it or would have submitted a few reports I have had in this exact same area. I have a big view of the sky over Quebec in the …

Strange cloud sighting in fort severn Ontario. Sept 3 or 9,2015 Not rated yet
Oops. About 3 weeks from sept 26 2015. My phone was dead at the time so no picsSighting in fort severn Ontario. There was 3 layers of cloud because …

Strange Clouds in Toronto
(Feb 2012) Made by UFO?
 Not rated yet
These photos were taken on February 7th 2012, at about 2:40 pm, in an area very close to Downsview Airport in Toronto. Witnessed by myself and my son. …

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