Strange events after I watched one of the best ufo video I have ever seen.

by Bruce
(Saskatoon, Sk. Canada)

The night of March 25, 2016 just before I went to bed, I went to youtube. On one of the sites that I always check there was a new video. The video was about 10 min long, taken before dusk in what I believe was California. The counter said I was the 13th person to view this video. The fellow who shot the video saw what looked like a weird helicopter but was not doing normal things. The video shows what looks very much like a helicopter but I did not hear any sound, and could see what looked like a tail rotor, but could not see the main rotor. The strobe lights did not look right either. Then suddenly there were lights on the tail rotor boom, and the rotor itself was lighting up. Next it turned into what looked like a plane, with 4 lights that did not look right, plus it was not moving but just hanging there. Next it turned into a diamond shape with some weird light pattern inside. As far as I could tell, it was one continuous recording. It was one amazing video.

The strange part is that the next morning I wanted to show it to my wife, but there was no record of it at the youtube site, it was not in my youtube history, and when I looked in my computer history it was gone from there also. The videos I watched before and after were still there, only this one great video was gone. What the heck happened???

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