Strange Sounds

Is it a UFO sound? Aliens? Or some other explanation...

Strange sky sounds

As if UFO sightings weren't enough, there seems to be an increase in weird sounds being reported around the world too.

Even mainstream media are starting to report some of the strange sky sounds, or booming sounds coming from the ground, in Canada and elsewhere.

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Before you get too worried about 2012 predictions of the end of the world though, be aware that there are also reports of a strange sound in the sky going back in history too. Sometimes accompanied with strange lights in the sky, sometimes not.

Some people feel that the weird sound in sky is a UFO sound of some kind. Others feel it might be atmospheric echoes, signs of a pole shift or the result of geo-magnetic forces.

And, the unusual noises are not just coming from the sky either. Some strange earth sounds are being reported coming from the ground, from giant holes in the earth. There are even TV programs with insertions of possible alien sounds - or something else really strange.

While there are lots of possible explanations, and of course, a fair share of hoaxes, I think it will be interesting to see if the sounds being reported can in any way be matched up with an increase in UFO sightings in Canada too.

So.. if you've heard, or have found reports of weird sounds that may have any kind of possible link to alien activity, or a UFO sighting, report it here.

Don't forget, a UFO isn't necessarily extra-terrestrial, and it may be that by finding links between odd sky sounds and UFO activity, we can deduce strange human activity as well.

Feel free to include a link to a YouTube or other video as well, or upload your own video or images. And include your comments on any of the sounds heard too.


Report Strange Sounds in Canada

Have you heard strange sounds that you can't explain? Whether it is from the sky, the ground or elsewhere, you can report it here...

Reports of Strange Sounds

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Sound of Tarp flapping with jet, Sunday, Nov 27 2016, 4:45  Not rated yet
My husband and I were out walking our dogs in a small forest full of trails and just heading back to the parking lot (we were the only ones there) when …

Could the Windsor hum be related to UFO / aliens? Not rated yet
There is an interesting mystery that has developed around a series of loud noises occurring around Windsor, Ontario. Most often, it is described as a …

Loud Booms and Strange LIghts - McAdam, New Brunswick - Mar-Apr 2012 Not rated yet
April 2012 A loud explosive sound was heard at 1:40 AM on 10 Mar 2012. The loud boom was only the first of many that have been heard since. Latitude: …

Weird Sounds in Sky (Toronto, Ontario) 24 Feb 2012 Not rated yet
Today I once again heard the weird sounds that seem to be coming from the sky. The recording was done at about 9:55 am, in the north end of Toronto. …

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