Strong white light, like head-beams, beaming down from sky in Toronto

We have a security camera that faces the street, and on a bright sunny day in July 2012, I saw on my live camera view screen what looked like the light of head-beams, but they originated from the sky.

I looked up from what I was doing because the bright light on the road caught my attention from the corner of my eye.

At first I assumed that it was a car headlamp, and wondered why it would be on and so very bright on a sunny day.

Then, as I watched it more closely, I realized that the light was focused down on the road, not across the road as it would be if a vehicle was approaching.

Also, the light beam was quite circular and hovered about in an area about 10 feet square. The lights left for a quick moment, then returned for another couple of minutes while I continued to watch, mesmerized by the sight and trying to figure out what it could be. My mind did not want to accept what it was seeing - it should be impossible.

As it happened, a car with its headlights on did come down the road and crossed right where the light shone. You could clearly see the impact of the headlights on the car and they were nothing like the lights beaming down from the sky. The car lights were much dimmer and it was clear that the focus of the lights was to the right, in the direction of the vehicle. The time from seeing the car headlights and the vehicle itself was very short, just as you would expect for a moving vehicle.

As the car passed it was very briefly under the sky beam and shone under the light.

I then tried to convince myself that it must be a helicopter, but surely I would have heard a helicopter - windows were open - but no sound whatsoever. And what on earth could then have been looking for on the road, even if it were a copter?

It could not have been a plane, as the light was fairly stationary within that 10 feet square area, so the light was clearly hovering above the same spot.

The whole incident lasted about 3-4 minutes, with a short pause after about a minute. When the light show ended, the light moved slightly to the east, out of the original area, but still well within the camera view, then simply vanished, as if the light(s) had been turned off.

The whole thing left me feeling a bit un-nerved, and perplexed.

Seeing the other reports of strange lights in the sky has made it easier to admit to my sighting of strange lights beaming down in Toronto.

I hope that others come forward with their stories too, so that we can figure out what this is all about.

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Aug 03, 2016
I just saw the same light. on 8/3/2016. 3.00am
by: Christopher

I just saw the same light on 8/3/2016. 3.00am
Also it looks like it was coming down with a flash.

Mar 05, 2013
Did a similar light from the sky create a grass fire in Tasmania?
by: Anonymous

I wonder if this light that was noticed in Toronto would have had a different impact if it had fallen on dry grass instead of concrete?

In the Australian news for 4 March 2013 there is an interesting report that may have some similarities:

"Tasmanian police and firefighters are unable to explain the source of a beam of light which reportedly fell from the sky and formed a circle of fire in a Hobart suburb."

If you look at the picture of the damage in the local news article you'll see that the shape really is roughly a circle.

While some early reports assumed it was a meteor, that doesn't seem to match the description of witnesses, who described it as a "bright light" that ignited the area.

While a meter would also leave some evidence, the fire department investigation found nothing.

Very strange...

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