The Truth Terrified Me Then But I Am Glad I know What I Saw Knowing What I know Now.

by James Nuzzello
(New Haven, Ct)

Here, I have written about this so many times, I lost count.

I was a little kid about six or so. Our back yard used to flood after a heavy rainstorm, because the drain would be clogged with leaves. I liked playing with the water spiders as they skimmed on top of the pond.

One day while messing with the pond. I felt this vibration on my back. I turned around, and seen what I thought was an airplane hovering over the house next door.

It was a disk shaped object. There was a top section, and a smaller section underneath the bottom.

So, I decided, being a kid. I was going to throw a rock at this thing. I picked up a rock, and wound up to fling it really hard.

This thing was over the roof, it was about as long from one end to the other. I went to throw the rock as hard as I could. But it only left my hand not even an inch, and dropped directly down to the ground by my feet.

This thing really started humming. When I say hum, it was more like a vibration, I couldn't hear it, but I felt it on my body.

Then the bottom turned real red, and heat was coming off of it. I put my arm over my eyes for a second, and this thing disappeared.

I ran arm, forehead, face and neck were like a slight sunburn. I never mentioned the weird dreams after, and the strangest feeling as if my body was being filled with air.

Anyway, when I got older. 1999, President Clinton commissioned a Harvard Physicist to study reports of sightings, and close encounters.

I wrote him for documentation of this event. After two years collecting testimony. The study finished, and the professor concluded with his final statement. Documenting what people have claimed to have seen.

How could people from opposite ends of the earth have such similar experiences.

People with no access to television, and people from all walks of life. From different countries all said they had these similar happenings.

You be the judge.

Another instance happened in 1984, where a light of some sort was hovering over a river. I lived on a high hill overlooking the town below when I saw this dark green bright light beam out from this thing that changed shape into a green glowing ball.

The green beam of light bounced off the river, and flew straight up into the sky instantly disappearing.

I wasn't overly shocked by this, because nothing amazed me after seeing something weird in the sky once already.

I tell people who think this is just crazy people who think they seen something, and tell themselves its flying saucers.

Wait until you see something, and then when you tell someone. Then you'll think differently.

People will look at you like either your making it up, or your nuts. End of Story

'BE immune to rumor' Jimmy Nuzz

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