Two lights about 60 feet or less up in the air. 26 km from fort severn Ontario on the winter road 2012 feb. 4th

by Paul Burke
(Fort Severn Ontario canada )

We were travelling north on the road and we sighted lights twice that night. The winter road crew has seen many sightings but this was the first time we got close enough to be sure what we saw. We were towing a groomer with track problems and moving 4 km an hour. When we first saw them we weren't sure what kind of lights we saw and thinking we saw the lights in the same location. First sighting was at 7pm and next at 8pm. There was two of us in a CAT challenger and the lights approached us from the northwest along a tree line in the muskeg moving at the same speed as us. I didn't stop or slow down and we happened to meet up with the lights as they crossed thd road. By that time my partner was standing outside on the moving machine freaking out at the site when the lights stopped and hovered to our right at about 40 feet in the air and we got a real good look at them. They were about 3ft. Wide and spherical one was white and the other baby blue. They just hovered there till we were about twenty feet away before they disappeared like someone turning off a light switch. There was no shape around or behind the lights and nothing happened as we passed by where they disappeared. This was not the first sighting in that location. Another place we always see lights close to the ground is about 135 km from Fort Severn at a lake we named Cross lake but that is another story and a different year where I saw them at 3am.

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