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UFO Photos - Toronto, Ontario
(12 Apr 2012)

by JL
(Toronto, Canada)

my best UFO photos from Toronto on 12 Apr 2012

my best UFO photos from Toronto on 12 Apr 2012

my best UFO photos from Toronto on 12 Apr 2012 1st photo - 12 Apr 2012 Toronto UFO sightings 3rd photo - 12 Apr 2012 Toronto UFO sightings 4th photo - 12 Apr 2012 Toronto UFO sightings

These UFO photos are taken from the 2nd floor, looking west. Initially I just saw the one very bright light in the sky - way too bright to be a star, and also much lower in the sky.

Not an airplane, because it was stationary, but also looked like it was hovering a bit. The photos were taken with an iPhone camera, and in some photos you can see the movement.

I also could see flashes of color blinking with the naked eye, and also through the zoom on the phone camera. Unfortunately my photos didn't catch it though.

There is one UFO photo that is quite clear though, and shows a strange boomerang shape, with marks on it.

Also very interesting is that once I started taken photos of the very bright UFO, other UFO's became visible as well. It was like a lightbulb came on in different areas of the sky.

At one point, I counted 7 stationary bright lights in the sky at one time. They were not as bright though, and my camera couldn't pick them up well enough to send in.

The other interesting thing that happened once I started taking photos is that a sudden increase in plane traffic occurred.

All of the planes were flying at fairly low altitude, and in the opposite direction of normal flight traffic - going east, towards me. The planes had unusually bright lights - most had white lights only.

The first "plane" travelled at much faster speed than normal planes and then actually stopped and hovered for about 2 minutes before doing a 180 degree turn and heading back more slowly. Then a number of other "planes" appeared, each getting closer than the last.

It seemed as though they were trying to figure out where the photos were being taken.

continued below map....

Hope these pictures encourage other people to look up in the sky and take their own UFO photos, or even better, UFO video footage.

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(12 Apr 2012)

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Dec 17, 2017
same UFO in Australia
by: Anonymous

I've seen the same one twice (1 hour difference) in Australia. I have photos taken with my iphone and Nikon DSLR too.

Apr 17, 2012
UFO Video from Toronto UFO sighting 12 Apr 2012
by: JL

I just want to add this video that was taken at the same time as the photos submitted earlier.

Although the image is quite small, you can see the "star" hovering and flashing lights quite clearly.

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