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UFO sighting, Calgary, August 29th 2016

by Chris Lewis
(Balzac, AB, Canada)

Me and my best bud Blaine were outside near the airport laying on the hood of my car just hanging out and watching the planes land (not sharing a blanket).

At approximately 2200 something that closely resembled a "tube with arms" came in on approach. It had a series of lights, the way they danced off of Blaines eyes was just magic,
I knew at that point our friendship hax evolved into something else, something more serious. As the UFO approached, with it came a deafening sound, so loud that Blaine had (accidentally) grabbed my hand and held it tight as it startled him. My hand did not move from his. As the UFO flew overhead i could see what almost looked like to be wheels? This confirmed my initial thought that this aircraft was indeed land based and not equipped for a water landing. Damn did Blaine smell nice. Anywho the UFO seemed to be familiar with our common practices as it made a landing at the airport and began to taxi to a gate, at this point me and blaine were less concerned with the UFO and more concerned at what our friendship had blossomed into. Anyway,in hindsight it could have been a plane. Is it weird that Blaine wants to go camping with me next week?

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