UFO sighting in Night sky, South Shore Nova Scotia, mid june 2011

by Devon Harding
(Shelburne NS)

This would be my second ufo sighting. I wanted someone else to see something unexplainable as well so my ex girlfriend and I were laying on my back deck when we were watching what we thought was a satellite crossing the night sky.

When all of a sudden it stopped.

It appeared to get brighter, and when it did we noticed it was green in colour. It then went straight up and slightly north in the blink of an eye.

We watched it leave our earth's atmosphere and gone into outer space within a half a second leaving nothing but what looked like a tail trailing behind.

This could have just been due to how fast it was moving. We were not under the influence of anything and I felt very relieved to have someone else witness something phenomenal at the time, to validify my earlier sightings -DH

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